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Engineering Knowledge and Tools

Every day, engineering teams around the globe need to use a wide range of knowledge to improve operational performance, reduce risk, and drive innovation.

Over the past decades, companies have spent millions on a myriad of information management systems to capture information needed by engineers. Sadly, these investments have done little to drive the improvement of engineering processes. Engineers are drowning in a sea of internal and external content little of it organized in a way that helps them drive productivity or innovation. To make matters worse some of the best information in those systems is never found by the engineers that need it most.

IHS helps organizations accelerate productivity, improve problem solving and innovate ahead of completion by giving engineers and other technical professionals access to relevant knowledge – inside and outside the organization- and advanced research and problem-solving tools.

Engineering Knowledge and Tools

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  1. Advanced Research, Problem Solving & Analytics

    Advanced Research, Problem Solving & Analytics Accelerate productivity and innovation of your engineering team What if you could give your engineers back 1/3 of their time – speeding research, problem solving and ideation

  2. Engineering Design Software and Methods Tools (ESDU)

    ESDU Validated Methods Boost innovation while minimizing design difficulties Seeking validated third-party data? Need to increase visibility into design data flows?ESDU provides validated methods, calculations, reports and di

  3. IHS Engineering360 Media Solutions

    IHS Engineering360 Media Solutions Engage with the world’s largest online interactive Engineering Community Are you looking to reach an engineering audience? Do you need an effective multichannel digital media solution to mee

  4. Goldfire Product Design Tools for the Automotive Industry

    IHS Goldfire: Automotive Accelerate product design and improve vehicle performance Need to lower costs and introduce competitive differentiation? Seeking a way to reduce liability through predictive failure analysis?The IHS G

  5. Goldfire Product Design Tools for Consumer Goods

    IHS Goldfire: Consumer Fuel product pipelines with breakthrough products Hoping to avoid commoditization and obsolescence? Do you want to leverage lessons learned and stop ‘reinventing the wheel’?Using the IHS Goldfire softwa

  6. Goldfire Product Design Content Partners

    IHS Goldfire: Partner Content Use technical knowledge to drive innovation Looking to minimize research duplication? Prevent decisions made without proper information?IHS Goldfire enables organizations to access and leverage p

  7. Goldfire Product Design Tools for the Energy Industry

    IHS Goldfire: Energy Power energy innovation and efficiency Seeking to mitigate loss of graying workforce by capturing and recycling internal expertise? Needing to decrease disposal costs and operational expenses?The IHS Gold

  8. Goldfire Product Design Tools for Healthcare

    IHS Goldfire: Healthcare Advance medical frontiers with accelerated research and innovation tools Are you looking for new markets and applications for current technologies? Need to improve manufacturing process efficiencies t

  9. Goldfire Product Design Tools for Oil and Gas

    IHS Goldfire: Oil & Gas Maximize oil and gas production while minimizing risk Do you want to rapidly develop new and improved processes to retrieve and process reserves? Need to keep pace with technology?IHS Goldfire ensu

  10. Goldfire Product Design Tools for the Technology Industry

    IHS Goldfire: Technology Envision next-generation solutions Are you able to accelerate problem solving, idea generation? Need to improve operational efficiencies, product and process quality?IHS Goldfire platform helps safegu

  11. UK Construction Information Marketing Solutions on CIS

    Marketing Solutions Capitalise on an attentive audience for your products and services Looking to expand your market share? Need greater visibility?Achieve greater exposure by marketing your company’s products and services to

  12. CAPS Universe Electronic Components Database

    CAPS Universe Electronic Components Database Maintain an environmentally compliant and optimized supply chain Want reliable, timely component data? Need to maintain production schedules?Maintain production schedules with reli

  13. IHS CAPS+4D Enterprise BOM and Product Reporting

    IHS CAPS+4D Enterprise Solution Streamline supply chain management across the enterprise Need part number consistency company-wide? Want insight into product notifications?This web-based portal provides comprehensive enterpri

  14. API Web Services for Supply Chain and Procurement

    IHS CAPS API Web Services Power your current systems and workflows Seeking deeper parts data? Need integration into current applications?Integrate parts data into your current applications.This online tool integrates detailed

  15. IHS CAPSConnect BOM Management System

    IHS CAPS+4D Connect Streamline the decision-making process Want to ensure compliance across BOMs? Want to avoid obsolescence with no alternatives?CAPS+4D Connect is a powerful, desktop-based bill of materials (BOMs) cleansing

  16. Electronic Component Supply Chain Management

    Board Level Electronic Component Management Decrease production costs Managing a cost-effective product build or redesign, as well as an efficient process requires compliance with environmental regulations, avoidance of count

  17. Bill of Materials (BOM) Management Software

    BOM Management Software Eliminate production risks Need to ensure smooth production schedules? Want advance product change warning?The BOM management tool helps you oversee component and supplier risks. Monitor parts availabi

  18. PCNalert Product Change Notices

    PCNalert Preserve your production schedule Need to know when parts are changed? Want to prevent procuring counterfeit parts?With this solution you can actively monitor product change notices issued by more than 600 component

  19. Goldfire Product Design Tools for the Chemical Industry

    IHS Goldfire: Chemical Power the design and development of innovative products Seeking new markets and applications for current technologies? Need to identify and understand competitive and industry trends?IHS Goldfire provid

  20. Goldfire Professional Services for Innovation Expertise

    Engineering Professional Services for Innovation Expertise Leverage innovation experts to optimize success Do you want a customized solution to improve product innovation? A uniform problem-solving approach?Working closely wi

  21. Kingdom Seismic and Geological Interpretation Software

    IHS Kingdom® Bolster collaboration and data integration through streamlined, geophysical and geological interpretation Does your current geological interpretation software help you improve workflows and gain efficiencies?IHS

  22. Petra Production, Well Log and Reservoir Analysis Tool

    Petra Integrate validated geological analysis into your workflow Is your geological analysis software helping you to increase efficiencies?Petra® is an integrated solution for data management, manipulation, visualization and

  23. QUE$TOR Oil & Gas CAPEX/OPEX cost estimation software

    QUE$TOR® Discover accurate cost projections for all of your E&P projects How do you estimate your project lifecycle costs?Used by more than 500 energy estimators and managers in 50 countries, QUE$TOR® software provides co

  24. Performance Evaluator

    Performance Evaluator Smart data for smarter, faster decisions Experience game-changing insights by accessing this customized version of IHS Energy’s premier well and production database. Performance Evaluator includes US Low

  25. Market Intelligence Network (MINT)

    Market Intelligence Network (MINT) Gain a competitive edge in commodity market intelligence Are your traders ahead of the curve on changes in supply/demand and commodity prices?MINT gives traders the unique advantage by illus

  26. SubPUMP Electrical Submersible Pump Design and Analysis

    IHS SubPUMP® Maximize assets through unmatched ESP design and analysis. A component of the Performance Optimization suite, IHS SubPUMP® has the largest ESP equipment database (3,500+ catalog items) and provides unbiased, vend

  27. PERFORM Well Performance Analysis and Optimization

    IHS PERFORM Optimize well and flowline performance through careful analysis and well capacity forecasting Does your current well performance modeling translate into a higher performing well?IHS PERFORM® is leading industry so

  28. Oil and Gas Community of Best Practice

    IHS Community of Best Practice Collaborate with peers to advance knowledge and performance in specific unconventional oil and gas plays What if you could avoid other companies’ mistakes but repeat their successes?The IHS Comm

  29. Integrated Oil and Gas Reservoir Studies

    Integrated Reservoir Studies Consulting Get precise and meaningful multi-disciplinary impact ?Are you exploring or developing a new oil or gas reservoir? Need a better understanding of reservoir behavior?Our expert team condu

  30. Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation Consulting

    Reserves Evaluation Consulting Quantify oil and gas reserves with a recognized third-party evaluation. Do you need to prepare an annual reserves report? Appraise asset value for an acquisition or divestiture?Rely on our exper

  31. Oil and Gas Well Testing and Rate Transient Analysis

    Well Testing and Rate Transient Analysis Consulting Design and analyze oil and gas well tests and production data to characterize and forecast reservoir performance Are you collecting the data you need to understand your well

  32. Global Retail Consumer Fuel Markets

    Global Retail Fuel Markets Monitor retail gas and diesel prices, margins and demand Do you need access to fuel retail data of unparalleled scope and timeliness? Are you considering entry into a retail fuel market of a new or

  33. Market Intelligence Network(MINT) LNG

    Market Intelligence Network (MINT) LNG Make smarter trading decisions with MINT LNG How would actionable LNG vessel tracking intelligence improve your supply-demand forecasting?MINT LNG is a specialized online platform create

  34. Live Waterborne LNG Detailed Market Data and Analysis

    Waterborne Live LNG Access the premier choice for continuously updated waterborne LNG shipment data and analysis Do you need to be confident in the accuracy of each and every LNG voyage record that you trade on? Do you need i

  35. Live Waterborne LPG Detailed Market Data and Analysis

    Waterborne Live LPG Access the premier choice for continuously updated waterborne LPG market data and analysis Do you need a thorough understanding of global LPG market fundamentals?Get liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) data and

  36. Waterborne LPG Market Data and Analysis

    Waterborne LPG Report Understand the global waterborne LPG market via data and analysis available nowhere else Do you need more detail and insight into global waterborne LPG flows?Turn to the biweekly Waterborne LPG Report fo

  37. Geology Consulting for Oil and Gas Reservoir Engineering

    Geology Consulting Perform insightful, comprehensive and meaningful interpretations Do you need to know where geophysical activity has occurred in an area of interest? Want to identify underexplored areas?Our petroleum geolog

  38. Oil and Gas Reservoir Asset Management and Consulting

    Integrated Asset Management Consulting Achieve improved production at minimal cost and risk Are you optimizing production assets throughout the field? Efficiently removing bottlenecks and estimating pipeline capacity?Using IH

  39. Production Engineering and Field Operations Consulting

    Production Engineering Consulting Obtain superior conventional and unconventional well designs Do you need to predict well and field deliverability?Our oil and gas production engineering services complement geological and res

  40. Oil and Gas Regulatory Application Consulting

    Regulatory Applications Consulting Submit proper regulatory applications for approval Are you confident your oil and gas regulatory filings will receive approval?Our consultants prepare and submit drilling, production and res

  41. Oil and Gas Community of Best Practice: Eagle Ford

    Eagle Ford Community of Best Practice Drive optimal well performance Do you have or are you considering operations or investments in the Eagle Ford Shale play?Formed in 2011, the Eagle Ford Community offers interested stakeho

  42. Nuclear Industry News & Analysis

    Nuclear Business Inform nuclear strategies with vital commercial insights Do you need to keep pace with the nuclear power market but are pressed for time?Based in London, Nuclear Business delivers monthly news and analysis on

  43. GeoSyn Synthetic Modeling Tool for Seismic Interpretation

    IHS GeoSyn Enhance geophysical interpretation with 1D and 2D geological modeling How would intelligent workflows change your geosynthetic modeling?GeoSyn® is scientific synthetic modeling software that provides “what-if” scen

  44. LOGarc

    IHS LOGarc Manage and gain instant insight from your log inventory Do you want to see a central repository of both your IHS and proprietary log information?Access a powerful, intuitive well log management system to manage, re

  45. FieldDIRECT Well Monitoring and Production Data Capture

    IHS FieldDIRECT® Bolster production and operations with on-demand field data analysis Are you able to monitor and report on your wells directly from the field in real time?FieldDIRECT is a field-to-office service that securel

  46. Introduction to GeoSyn 1D/2D

    Introduction to GeoSyn 1D/2D Streamline geophysical interpretation Want to benefit fully from your software? Seeking detailed training?GeoSyn is a 1D and 2D modeling tool designed to be used by geoscientists who want to bring

  47. IHS Engineering360

    IHS Engineering360 IHS Engineering360 is the world’s largest online destination for engineers, delivering critical content, information, insight, tools and community for engineers and technical professionals across multiple i

Current Cross-industry Trend

How can you solve engineering problems at 340+ kilometers per hour?

As race cars hurl around the track at 340+ KPH, engineers monitor performance by way of hundreds of sensors. That speed is a metaphor for the rapid rate of change in information and technology that global R&D and engineering leaders are beginning to master with breakthrough methodologies. Patent intelligence, semantic engines and innovation analytics are all helping engineers incorporate new technologies into their designs.

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