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Energy Services

Whether you’re working toward global regulatory compliance, honing operational efficiencies or need to understand political and violent risk, insight and tools are critical.

We help customers effectively consolidate, monitor and mitigate your operational risks from the bottom up with solutions that help you create a safer work environment, ensure compliance, reduce operational losses and improve asset performance. Our auditable system of record for air, water, and waste emissions and chemical inventory, and our cross-industry expertise—including country risk—help you make key decisions based on real-time content.

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  1. American Gas Association (AGA) Standards

    American Gas Association (AGA) Streamline safety and operational procedures The American Gas Association (AGA) standards address the design, installation and maintenance of natural gas operations. Included in this collection

  2. Standards Expert for Engineering Standards and Documents

    IHS Standards Expert Streamline standards research and management enterprise wide. Is your design team using conflicting or outdated standards? Do you need a centralized, updated library?IHS Standards Expert is an online tool

  3. Safe Operations Solution for Operational Excellence

    Safe Operations Drive safety and reliability Want to reduce unplanned downtime? Need to identify emerging trends and become more predictive?The Safe Operations Solution helps you identify and manage emerging trends to reduce

  4. Advanced Research, Problem Solving & Analytics

    Advanced Research, Problem Solving & Analytics Accelerate productivity and innovation of your engineering team What if you could give your engineers back 1/3 of their time – speeding research, problem solving and ideation

  5. Engineering Design Software and Methods Tools (ESDU)

    ESDU Validated Methods Boost innovation while minimizing design difficulties Seeking validated third-party data? Need to increase visibility into design data flows?ESDU provides validated methods, calculations, reports and di

  6. Advisory Services for Predicting Business Dynamics

    Predicting Business Dynamics Maximize sales and return on investments Want to expand your company’s footprint?Our consultants build upon the foundation of the Economics & Country Risk products to address your specific mar

  7. Executive Strategy Council - Economic Advisory Services

    Executive Strategy Council Stay ahead of risks Need to assess the impact of an international, economic or political event? Prepare an emergency response?This premier, interactive economic advisory service assembles senior cor

  8. IHS Engineering360 Media Solutions

    IHS Engineering360 Media Solutions Engage with the world’s largest online interactive Engineering Community Are you looking to reach an engineering audience? Do you need an effective multichannel digital media solution to mee

  9. Jane's Terrorism & Insurgency Centre

    Jane’s Terrorism & Insurgency Centre Understand, monitor and mitigate the terrorist threat Need to understand tactics and identify trends? Gauge risks to personnel and critical infrastructure?This world-leading resource d

  10. Market Survey System: Services Sectors

    Market Survey System – Services Source and service your projects with utmost efficiency Do you need to contract skilled labor for a project? Identify supply constraints in advance?Part of the Market Survey System, this servic

  11. ASME Boiler - Pressure Vessel Code (ASME BPVC) Standards

    ASME Boiler - Pressure Vessel Code (ASME BPVC) Design, build and maintain safe and reliable boilers and pressure vessels The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) provides rules for safety, design, manufacture and maint

  12. Sovereign Risk Service – Credit Risk Analysis & Ratings

    Sovereign Risk Service Assess and compare sovereign risk How do you manage your exposure to sovereign risk?The Sovereign Risk Service is the only service to cover both short- and medium-term risks for 206 countries worldwide.

  13. Risk Assessment Process Hazard Analysis PHA-Pro

    IHS PHA-Pro Enhance your process safety and reliability Want to implement PHA software? Seeking a rapid, comprehensive solution?PHA-Pro is desktop software that helps you conduct process hazard analysis, like HAZOP and What I

  14. Country Risk Consulting

    Country Risk Consulting Convert risk into opportunity We provide tailored solutions to help you manage country risk. To evaluate your external context, forecast key risks to profitability, establish risk systems, and conduct

  15. ASTM International Standards

    ASTM International Obtain technical, procedural and operational documentation spanning multiple industries ASTM International standards are applied globally to products as varied as petroleum and consumer goods. ASTM standard

  16. Foresight Security Planning

    Foresight Security Planning Resolve information overload Do you need to make strategic decisions regarding personnel and asset security? Evaluate future business resilience?Get streamed intelligence, dynamic forecasts, advanc

  17. American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards

    American Petroleum Institute (API) Improve safety of oil and gas operations and procedures American Petroleum Institute (API) standards advocate proven, sound engineering and operating practices and safe, interchangeable equi

  18. CyberRegs Regulatory Content for EHS

    CyberRegs Regulatory Content for EHS Reduce the time and cost of regulatory research Need automated regulation tracking? Want to understand the impact of regulatory change?Find, manage and anticipate changes associated with N

  19. Foresight Location Analytics

    Foresight Location Analytics Geo-stream risk intelligence and perform real-time analytics on your exposures When it comes to risk, can you afford to guess?Upload enterprise data to evaluate location-specific risks to your bus

  20. North America Energy Supply Analytics

    IHS North America Supply Analytics Optimize unconventional assets with robust forecasting and unparalleled operational insights Are you responsible for evaluating or investing in unconventional oil and gas plays?This service

  21. Foresight Political Risk

    Foresight Political Risk Embed risk in decision making Does information overload prevent you from incorporating risk into your business decisions?Get streamed intelligence and dynamic forecasts on political instability, contr

  22. Every Point on the Planet - Global Risk Ratings

    Every Point on the Planet Calculate global risk exposure How granular is your risk intelligence?This service provides precise, one-year risk scores for war, terrorism, civil unrest and political violence for every 500m2 point

  23. Infrastructure and Markets Database

    IHS Energy Infrastructure and Markets Database Advance E&P projects with oil and gas infrastructure data. Dramatic developments in the global energy market in recent years have underscored the need for a holistic approach

  24. Risk Assessment Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

    Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Create knowledge-driven PHAs Want improved PHAs? Need a systemic approach?IHS risk assessment software, content and expertise helps you standardize your process hazard analyses across your enterp

  25. US Economics Solution Suite

    US Economics Solution Suite Unlock US markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage To deliver sustainable growth, companies need to operate in industries and markets with attractive rates of return and attain a position of

  26. Hazardous Waste Management Tracking for EHS&S

    Hazardous Waste Management Drive transparency and efficiency Need to streamline hazardous waste management? Simplify processes and improve compliance?This software capability helps you monitor collection, storage, transportat

  27. Offshore Rig Day Rate Index Petrodata

    IHS Petrodata Offshore Rig Day Rate Trends Analyze offshore drilling costs with timely IHS day rate data Updated monthly, the IHS Offshore Rig Day Rate Trends report tracks competitive mobile offshore drilling fleet day rates

  28. Advanced Analytics Solutions for Big Data Insights

    IHS Advanced Analytics Solutions Extract actionable, valuable insight from complex data Insights derived from the explosion of “Big Data” are transforming business - from driving more effective marketing and reducing supply c

  29. Advanced Economic Modeling Solutions

    Advanced Economic Modeling Identify untapped growth and capitalize on change Balancing top-down and bottom-up business processes is a constant challenge. A ‘bottom-up’ approach encourages innovation and responsiveness. A ‘top

  30. Energy Company and Transaction Research

    Energy Company & Transaction Research Maximize your decision making to drive investment or growth strategies Do you need to screen asset acquisition opportunities? Determine the drivers of company shareholder value or ana

  31. Chemical Inventory Management for EHS&S

    Chemical Inventory Management Drive efficient chemical management Need insight into existing chemical inventory? Want enterprise wide best practices?This software capability provides efficient chemical inventory management, i

  32. Water Usage and Discharge Management & Tracking for EHS&S

    Water Usage and Discharge Reduce uncertainty Is your water usage and discharge reporting compliant? Need a streamlined management process?This software capability helps you achieve, maintain and easily prove compliance. Accom

  33. Global Risk Service - Investment Risk Analysis & Ratings

    Global Risk Service Access investment risk ratings tailored to your industry and business model How do you quantify investment and project risk?This service provides transparent risk scores across 151 countries for 54 risk fa

  34. Economics Data, Analysis and Forecasting

    IHS Economics Plan accurately for long-term growth. IHS Economics provides comprehensive and consistent data, analysis, and forecasts for more than 200 countries. Leverage award-winning forecasts, over 150 full-time economist

  35. Country Risk Data, Analysis and Forecasting - Economics

    IHS Country Risk Integrate risk into effective decisions. IHS Economics & Country Risk provides end-to-end coverage of political, violent, sovereign, banking and investment risk worldwide. Access over 50 full time analyst

  36. Economic and Country Risk Analysis by Industry

    Global Industry Analysis Evaluate industry opportunities and risks. IHS Economics & Country Risk provides comprehensive data, analysis, and forecasts on industry performance worldwide. Access standardized, comparable cove

  37. Energy Industry Economics and Country Risk Services

    Economics & Country Risk Services for Energy Evalute long-term growth trends. The International Energy Agency estimates that approximately $11 trillion in new investments in oil and gas supplies will be needed by 2030. In

  38. Energy Market Survey System: Oil and Gas

    Market Survey System Family Leap from data to results with advanced analytics, expertise and information. Is your company positioned to capitalize on changing oil and gas markets and associated costs?Leverage the Market Surve

  39. Risk Register and Risk Management

    Risk Register Understand your risk profile Need an enterprise risk register? Want to improve enterprise-wide learning?IHS software, content and expertise helps you collect and compile organizational risks across previously di

  40. Risk Management and Risk Analytics

    Risk Analytics Gain insights to drive your safety performance Looking to improve your safety performance? Want to understand what can truly make an impact?This capability combines software, content and expertise to enable you

  41. Business Market Insights

    Business Market Insights Predict where your business will thrive in the United States Could you better size and target markets? More effectively allocate resources?This robust database provides business employment and output

  42. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Chemical Management

    Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Chemical Management Ensure workplace safety Need easy employee access to right-to-know documents? Looking for an automated solution?Leverage this software and content to manage your SDS and chemica

  43. Process Data Management for EHS&S Compliance

    Process Data Management Drive performance and streamline compliance Need data integration to process historians? Want a simplified, auditable monitoring and review process?This software capability allows you to eliminate data

  44. Jane's Security: Country Risk

    Jane’s Security: Country Risk Assess risks to military and commercial interests Need to monitor country security? Evaluate possible impacts?This online resource integrates political, economic, social, military and non-state a

  45. Maritime Energy Vessel Movement Tracking Service (VMS)

    Maritime Energy Vessel Movement Tracking Service (VMS) Optimize trades with actionable vessel market intelligence. Do you need deeper insight for better fundamentals analysis and more profitable trading?Access real-time data

  46. Integrated Oil and Gas Reservoir Studies

    Integrated Reservoir Studies Consulting Get precise and meaningful multi-disciplinary impact ?Are you exploring or developing a new oil or gas reservoir? Need a better understanding of reservoir behavior?Our expert team condu

  47. Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation Consulting

    Reserves Evaluation Consulting Quantify oil and gas reserves with a recognized third-party evaluation. Do you need to prepare an annual reserves report? Appraise asset value for an acquisition or divestiture?Rely on our exper

  48. Oil and Gas Well Testing and Rate Transient Analysis

    Well Testing and Rate Transient Analysis Consulting Design and analyze oil and gas well tests and production data to characterize and forecast reservoir performance Are you collecting the data you need to understand your well

  49. Global Economic Data - Economic Indicator Database

    Global Economic Data Unlock opportunities across 200+ countries Do you need global economic data to invest confidently?Tap into the world’s largest commercially available global economic database covering 200+ countries. Each

  50. Global Strategy Solution Suite

    Global Strategy Solution Suite Unlock global markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage To deliver sustainable growth, companies must operate in industries and markets with attractive rates of return and attain a competi

  51. European Energy Scenarios

    European Energy Scenarios Understand how markets, industry and technology evolve and impact Europe’s energy industry outlook How do you make your long-term risk analysis rigorous and robust?Developed primarily to support long

  52. Jackup Rig Market Report

    Jackup Rig Market Report Avoid overspending and poorly timed purchases. Will you be able to source a rig when you need it?Find eight-year supply and demand forecasts for global offshore jackup rigs by region and specification

  53. Energy Market Survey System Offshore Oil and Gas IHS

    Market Survey System – Offshore Services Deliver your project on time with exceptional supplier insight How are you currently managing procurement decisions and supplier relationships?Part of the IHS Market Survey System (MSS

  54. Energy Market Survey System: Onshore Oil and Gas

    Market Survey System – Onshore Access unrivaled intelligence on onshore oil and gas supplier markets Do you need to know the supply-demand balance for specific onshore categories? Where to focus your sales efforts?Part of the

  55. IHS Energy Market Survey System: Capital Equipment

    Energy Market Survey System – Capital Equipment Optimize your energy equipment procurement planning Do you need to understand supply constraints against future equipment orders? Decide whether and when to invest in new manufa

  56. Energy Market Survey System: Oil/Gas Drilling and Wells

    Market Survey System – Drilling and Well Services Optimize transaction timing and spend for oil drilling and well services Are you prepared to deal with supply bottlenecks? Or capitalize on supply opportunities?Part of the Ma

  57. Geology Consulting for Oil and Gas Reservoir Engineering

    Geology Consulting Perform insightful, comprehensive and meaningful interpretations Do you need to know where geophysical activity has occurred in an area of interest? Want to identify underexplored areas?Our petroleum geolog

  58. Oil and Gas Reservoir Asset Management and Consulting

    Integrated Asset Management Consulting Achieve improved production at minimal cost and risk Are you optimizing production assets throughout the field? Efficiently removing bottlenecks and estimating pipeline capacity?Using IH

  59. Production Engineering and Field Operations Consulting

    Production Engineering Consulting Obtain superior conventional and unconventional well designs Do you need to predict well and field deliverability?Our oil and gas production engineering services complement geological and res

  60. Oil and Gas Regulatory Application Consulting

    Regulatory Applications Consulting Submit proper regulatory applications for approval Are you confident your oil and gas regulatory filings will receive approval?Our consultants prepare and submit drilling, production and res

  61. Nuclear Industry News & Analysis

    Nuclear Business Inform nuclear strategies with vital commercial insights Do you need to keep pace with the nuclear power market but are pressed for time?Based in London, Nuclear Business delivers monthly news and analysis on

  62. Refrigerant Compliance Software for EHS&S

    Refrigerant Compliance Software Improve Refrigerant Compliance Need to comply with EPA regulations? Want to simplify your recordkeeping?The Refrigerant Compliance Management (RCM) software simplifies compliance with EPA and s

  63. Refrigerant Compliance Services for EHS&S

    Refrigerant Compliance Services Avoid Non-Compliance Penalties Need to re-establish your Refrigerant Compliance initiatives? Looking for outside expertise to guide you?IHS experts provide turnkey refrigerant management suppor

  64. Chemical Container Labeling for EHS&S Product Stewardship

    Chemical Product Labeling Open new markets rapidly Want better chemical labeling management? Want to simplify compliance processes?Streamline the creation and printing of regulatory and hazard communications labels for chemic

  65. Product Compliance Analysis for EHS&S Product Stewardship

    Product Compliance Analysis Avoid costly product delays Need to understand regulatory impact? Want to make informed decisions?This software capability helps you incorporate reliable, up-to-date product compliance analysis int

  66. Content for REACH and GHS for EHS&S Product Stewardship

    Content for GHS and REACH Secure and expand market access Need to comply with REACH and GHS regulations? Need to consolidate compliance efforts?This capability delivers compliance content for the Globally Harmonized System of

  67. Emergency Operations for Safe Operations

    Emergency Operations Strengthen emergency planning Need to be better prepared for emergency operations? Want to plan and respond more effectively?This software capability helps you manage every phase of a potential emergency;

  68. Industrial Hygiene for Safety Health and Compliance

    Industrial Hygiene Protect your workforce Need to effectively assess worker risks? Want strategies to limit exposure?This software capability helps you safeguard the health and safety of your workforce by accurately assessing

  69. Liability Claims and Case Management Software

    Liability Claims and Case Management Prevent costly errors and lost information Want to consolidate EHS&S liability claims? Need a concise tracking system?This software capability helps you record and track your EHS&S

  70. Training Management for EHS&S

    EHS Training Management Ensure worker safety Do you want to manage EHS training requirements more efficiently? Need to demonstrate training compliance?Our software helps streamline your company's processes for documenting pro

  71. Risk Assessment Solution for Operational Excellence

    Risk Assessment Know and show your operational risks This solution helps you prevent business disruptions and drive sustainable growth by proactively assessing operational risks. Gain greater visibility into material risks an

  72. Risk Assessment Process Hazard Analysis Bow Tie Analysis

    Bow Tie Analysis Empower your Bow Tie Analysis processes Need to augment Bow Tie Analysis? Want identifiable results?IHS risk assessment software, content and expertise help you develop a Bow Tie Risk Analysis, a qualitative

  73. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

    Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Prevent systemic failures Want to reduce risk? Need preemptive quality control?This software capability allows you to reduce design defects, product recalls and production downtime. The result is an

  74. Risk Assessment Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)

    Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) Create knowledge-driven HAZOPs Need efficient hazard analysis for process safety? Want seamless HAZOP management?Our software, content and expertise helps you improve the efficiency and ef

  75. Risk Assessment Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

    Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) Enhance process safety Want to create knowledge-drive LOPAs? Need to standardize your templates?Our software, content and expertise help you create risk assessments that can be defined and

  76. Risk Assessment Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

    Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) / Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Reduce employee accidents Need to conduct a thorough safety analysis? Want full transparency throughout your JHAs?The IHS JHA software capability drives a unified workplac

  77. Operational Excellence Software Training

    Operational Excellence Software Training Capitalize on your software investment Need to hone your skills? Looking for expert training?Training for end users, power users and administrators ensures you get the most from your s

  78. Training Process Safety Management

    Process Safety Management Training Learn to better manage operational risks Need to better manage your process safety risks? Looking for expert guidance and training?Leverage state-of-the-art resources and practical know-how

  79. Training Quality Risk Management

    Quality Risk Management Training Understand how to boost product quality levels Need to mitigate quality related risks? Looking for expert guidance and training?Identify, analyze, mitigate and monitor quality risks and hazard

  80. Offshore Rig Data: Weekly Rig Count Petrodata

    IHS Petrodata™ Weekly Rig Count Identify regional and global opportunities with accurate offshore rig data Is your rig count accurate?Updated each Friday, the Weekly Rig Count provides accurate offshore drilling rig data by m

  81. Offshore Rig Supply/ Demand Builder Petrodata

    IHS Petrodata™ Supply/Demand Builder Understand global rig market supply and demand Are your offshore rigs operating at optimal capacity?Recognize significant cost and labor efficiencies in rig modeling with Supply/Demand Bui

  82. US Rig Activity Maps and Reports

    US Rig Activity Enhance plays with online US rig activity maps and reports How do you currently monitor rig activity and rig availability?US Rig Activity provides daily online updates, and detailed weekly US rig activity repo

  83. SeismicBase: Seismic Vessel Market Data

    IHS Petrodata™ SeismicBase® Optimize offshore decisions with commercial seismic vessel data How accurate is the data you’re using to build seismic fleet forecasts and assumptions?IHS Petrodata SeismicBase is an online tool th

  84. Vessel Data from MarineBase Petrodata

    IHS Petrodata™ MarineBase® Optimize offshore decisions with commercial supply vessel data. Comprehensive online market intelligence, vessel and contract data covering the global offshore supply vessel industry, updated every

  85. Supply Vessel Market News & Data

    IHS Petrodata™ Petrodaily® Marine Your source for accurate, up-to-date market intelligence on the offshore supply vessel market Is your offshore vessel data delivering the insights you need to maximize efficiencies and capita

  86. Well Log Data Management for Oil and Gas

    Log Data Management Conduct superior E&P analysis with trusted well log data management What if you could shift your focus from data management to decision making?Log Data Management provides clearer scans, smarter indexi

  87. Physical Data Asset Management

    Physical Asset Management Services Sharpen E&P decisions with effective data management How do you manage hard copy critical energy information across your asset teams?We help quickly retrieve and manage physical data ass

  88. Introduction to GeoSyn 1D/2D

    Introduction to GeoSyn 1D/2D Streamline geophysical interpretation Want to benefit fully from your software? Seeking detailed training?GeoSyn is a 1D and 2D modeling tool designed to be used by geoscientists who want to bring

  89. AccuMap Overview Online Training

    IHS AccuMap/AccuLogs Online Training - New Augment AccuMap skills Want stay-at-home training sessions? Looking to enhance software application skills?These five, AccuMap Online Training courses deliver the similar overview an

  90. QUESTOR Training

    IHS QUE$TOR® Training Simplify your oil and gas project planning Need greater tool skills? Seeking available training opportunities?IHS QUE$TOR® is a global upstream project cost estimation and decision support tool designed

  91. Standards Expert with Goldfire

    IHS Standards Expert with Goldfire Expand your standards research Do you require technical data beyond standards? Seeking greater insight into standards applications?IHS Standards Expert with Goldfire delivers standards infor

  92. Goldfire Product Design Content Partners

    IHS Goldfire: Partner Content Use technical knowledge to drive innovation Looking to minimize research duplication? Prevent decisions made without proper information?IHS Goldfire enables organizations to access and leverage p

  93. Goldfire Product Design Tools for the Energy Industry

    IHS Goldfire: Energy Power energy innovation and efficiency Seeking to mitigate loss of graying workforce by capturing and recycling internal expertise? Needing to decrease disposal costs and operational expenses?The IHS Gold

  94. Goldfire Product Design Tools for the Technology Industry

    IHS Goldfire: Technology Envision next-generation solutions Are you able to accelerate problem solving, idea generation? Need to improve operational efficiencies, product and process quality?IHS Goldfire platform helps safegu

  95. Petrochemical Standards, Codes and Specifications

    Petrochemical Standards Collection Leverage expert data for critical operations and manufacturing decisions The petrochemical standards collection contains instructions for global petrochemical operations. Topics provide guid

  96. Utilities Standards, Codes and Specifications

    Utilities Standards Provide predictable power based on standardized maintenance and manufacturing methods The utilities standards collection consists of data from over 15 standards developing organizations (SDOs) that direct

  97. American Nuclear Society (ANS) Standards

    American Nuclear Society (ANS) Integrate proven procedures for safe nuclear design and operations The American Nuclear Society (ANS) has written and approved nearly 150 standards directing procedures for nuclear facility desi

  98. CSA Group Standards

    CSA Group Mitigate risk and improve operations through compliance with critical Canadian standards CSA Group standards address public safety and health, quality of life, the environment and trade. Specifically, the topics add

  99. US Department of Energy (DOE) Standards

    US Department of Energy (DOE) Assure consistent and quality products and services for Federal facilities and activities The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Technical Standards Program governs the design, construction, operati

  100. Energy Institute (EI) Standards

    Energy Institute (EI) Incorporate consistent and proven testing and measuring procedures for petroleum products Standards from the Energy Institute (EI) dictate necessary test methods for national and international trading of

  101. Gas Processors Association (GPA) Standards

    Gas Processors Association (GPA) Ensure product supply continuity and efficiency The Gas Processors Association (GPA) creates industry standards around technology and procedures for processing natural gas. These guidelines de

  102. Hydraulic Institute (HI) Standards

    Hydraulic Institute (HI) Improve pump durability and efficiency The Hydraulic Institute (HI) writes product standards for the North American pump industry, which define pump products, installation, operation, performance, tes

  103. International Society of Automation (ISA) Standards

    International Society of Automation (ISA) Assure automation conformity and reliability The International Society of Automation (ISA) writes standards for automation professionals for streamlining processes and improving indus

  104. Standards Developing Organizations (SDO)

    Standards Developing Organizations Ensure product quality, reliability and compatibility IHS provides technical standards, codes, specifications and related documents from hundreds of Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs)

  105. Energy & Carbon Management for EHS&S

    Energy & Carbon Management Optimize your operations Looking to improve energy use across your operations? Want to reduce your carbon footprint?This software capability supports effective carbon and energy management. It e

  106. Managed Regulatory Content for EHS&S Product Stewardship

    Managed Regulatory Content Exceed compliance requirements Are you able to keep up with regulatory change? What if you could automate the process?The capability delivers dynamic managed regulatory content, which underpins sust

  107. Global Link Model – Scenario Analysis and Modeling

    Global Link Model Anticipate the impact of change on the drivers of your performance Do you incorporate scenarios in your planning process? The IHS Global Link Model is the most comprehensive global macroeconomic model commer

  108. IHS Brazil Costs and Strategic Sourcing Service

    IHS Brazil Costs and Strategic Sourcing Service Leverage operational strengths and avoid risk How are you currently identifying ways to cut costs and source inputs?Designed for upstream producers and suppliers, this service e

  109. Compliance and Task Management for EHSS

    EHS Compliance and Task Management Simplify your compliance tracking Do you want to know and show you are in compliance? Need to manage tasks more efficiently?This software capability simplifies your task tracking from start

Current Cross-industry Trend

What do guns and oil have in common?

Five countries—Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Colombia, and Syria—accounted for over three-quarters of the total terrorism attacks on energy infrastructure and assets recorded by IHS between 2013 and 2014. As a strategic asset, oil and gas infrastructure will always be an attractive target for individuals and groups who want to publicly air grievances. These are highly localized problems. Understanding them and their context is crucial to mitigating risk.

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