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Economics & Country Risk

Changing market environments, significant volatility and constant uncertainty create difficult challenges—and opportunities—for every organization worldwide.

Building on unrivalled coverage of the economic, industry and risk landscape, IHS Economics & Country Risk enables clients—large and small—to identify growth, plan accurately and navigate uncertainty. IHS partners with corporate companies to help them identify new trends, size growth opportunities, monitor risk and opportunity ratio, conduct market assessments, plan for alternate scenarios and secure their business continuity. Our solutions enable clients to better allocate resources, capitalize on change and build an integrated, enterprise-wide approach to risk. We support insurance and reinsurance companies to enter new markets, enhance risk selection and technical pricing, optimize capacity allocation, support reinsurance decisions and manage investments. And with advanced data delivery systems, innovative software and dedicated business intelligence platforms, we support banks and financial institutions to benchmark asset allocation, conduct trend analysis and innovate trading strategies with accurate, timely and consistent coverage of global risks and opportunities.

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Oct 13

China’s slowdown reveals Asia’s vulnerability

As China’s GDP growth continues to slide, its Asia-Pacific neighbors are starting to feel the pain. The regional impact depends on how much—and how fast—China’s economy slows. IHS analysis of a China hard landing provides insight into just how serious the consequences could be. The rapid growth of the Chinese economy over the last decade has resulted i..more

Oct 12

Global automotive sales to rebound next year after disappointing 2015

The global outlook for light vehicles (LV) is looking up for 2016 as the worst-performing markets recover, but exposure among automotive manufacturers to continuing volatility in emerging markets remains a key concern, especially as valuable territories like China play an increasingly larger role in automotive fortunes. Global L..more

Oct 01

Are plug-in electric vehicles about to take off?

The global plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market is one of the most interesting and important areas within the entire automotive sector. While still representing a very small portion of total sales on either a market percentage or total unit basis, PEVs nonetheless represent a large part of the industry’s future. IHS Automotive has looked at the Q1 2..more

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Oct 12

FedEx founder doesn't see driverless trucks or drones delivering packages any time soon http://t.co/goKRulqrrD

Oct 12

Oct. 13-23 is our next customer survey. Please give us your feedback if you receive a survey http://t.co/dUyQonRlnp

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(Un)emerging markets?

Long-term structural constraints have weakened emerging market drivers, eroding their productivity and causing a gradual decay in their long-term growth potential. Dealing with structural economic and political problems requires a broad-based political coalition for reform.

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