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Economics & Country Risk

Changing market environments, significant volatility and constant uncertainty create difficult challenges—and opportunities—for every organization worldwide.

Building on unrivalled coverage of the economic, industry and risk landscape, IHS Economics & Country Risk enables clients—large and small—to identify growth, plan accurately and navigate uncertainty. IHS partners with corporate companies to help them identify new trends, size growth opportunities, monitor risk and opportunity ratio, conduct market assessments, plan for alternate scenarios and secure their business continuity. Our solutions enable clients to better allocate resources, capitalize on change and build an integrated, enterprise-wide approach to risk. We support insurance and reinsurance companies to enter new markets, enhance risk selection and technical pricing, optimize capacity allocation, support reinsurance decisions and manage investments. And with advanced data delivery systems, innovative software and dedicated business intelligence platforms, we support banks and financial institutions to benchmark asset allocation, conduct trend analysis and innovate trading strategies with accurate, timely and consistent coverage of global risks and opportunities.

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  1. Automotive Industry Economics and Country Risk Services

    Economics & Country Risk Services for Automotive Calculate the impact of alternate economic scenarios. Economic and demographic mega trends are driving unprecedented change in the automotive industry. Amid an uncertain gl

  2. Chemical Industry Economics and Country Risk Services

    Economics & Country Risk Services for Chemicals Understand exposure and economics within the chemical industry. The chemical industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation. With entire industry value chains shifting

  3. Advisory Services for Predicting Business Dynamics

    Predicting Business Dynamics Maximize sales and return on investments Want to expand your company’s footprint?Our consultants build upon the foundation of the Economics & Country Risk products to address your specific mar

  4. Executive Strategy Council - Economic Advisory Services

    Executive Strategy Council Stay ahead of risks Need to assess the impact of an international, economic or political event? Prepare an emergency response?This premier, interactive economic advisory service assembles senior cor

  5. Sovereign Risk Service – Credit Risk Analysis & Ratings

    Sovereign Risk Service Assess and compare sovereign risk How do you manage your exposure to sovereign risk?The Sovereign Risk Service is the only service to cover both short- and medium-term risks for 206 countries worldwide.

  6. Country Risk Consulting

    Country Risk Consulting Convert risk into opportunity We provide tailored solutions to help you manage country risk. To evaluate your external context, forecast key risks to profitability, establish risk systems, and conduct

  7. Foresight Security Planning

    Foresight Security Planning Resolve information overload Do you need to make strategic decisions regarding personnel and asset security? Evaluate future business resilience?Get streamed intelligence, dynamic forecasts, advanc

  8. Foresight Location Analytics

    Foresight Location Analytics Geo-stream risk intelligence and perform real-time analytics on your exposures When it comes to risk, can you afford to guess?Upload enterprise data to evaluate location-specific risks to your bus

  9. Foresight Political Risk

    Foresight Political Risk Embed risk in decision making Does information overload prevent you from incorporating risk into your business decisions?Get streamed intelligence and dynamic forecasts on political instability, contr

  10. Every Point on the Planet - Global Risk Ratings

    Every Point on the Planet Calculate global risk exposure How granular is your risk intelligence?This service provides precise, one-year risk scores for war, terrorism, civil unrest and political violence for every 500m2 point

  11. US Economics Solution Suite

    US Economics Solution Suite Unlock US markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage To deliver sustainable growth, companies need to operate in industries and markets with attractive rates of return and attain a position of

  12. Advanced Analytics Solutions for Big Data Insights

    IHS Advanced Analytics Solutions Extract actionable, valuable insight from complex data Insights derived from the explosion of “Big Data” are transforming business - from driving more effective marketing and reducing supply c

  13. Advanced Economic Modeling Solutions

    Advanced Economic Modeling Identify untapped growth and capitalize on change Balancing top-down and bottom-up business processes is a constant challenge. A ‘bottom-up’ approach encourages innovation and responsiveness. A ‘top

  14. Global Risk Service - Investment Risk Analysis & Ratings

    Global Risk Service Access investment risk ratings tailored to your industry and business model How do you quantify investment and project risk?This service provides transparent risk scores across 151 countries for 54 risk fa

  15. Economics Data, Analysis and Forecasting

    IHS Economics Plan accurately for long-term growth. IHS Economics provides comprehensive and consistent data, analysis, and forecasts for more than 200 countries. Leverage award-winning forecasts, over 150 full-time economist

  16. Country Risk Data, Analysis and Forecasting - Economics

    IHS Country Risk Integrate risk into effective decisions. IHS Economics & Country Risk provides end-to-end coverage of political, violent, sovereign, banking and investment risk worldwide. Access over 50 full time analyst

  17. Economic and Country Risk Analysis by Industry

    Global Industry Analysis Evaluate industry opportunities and risks. IHS Economics & Country Risk provides comprehensive data, analysis, and forecasts on industry performance worldwide. Access standardized, comparable cove

  18. Agriculture Industry Economics and Country Risk Services

    Economics & Country Risk Services for Agriculture Evaluate long-term growth trends. While huge population growth underlines opportunities for the food and agriculture industry, their challenges are plenty: individual cons

  19. Energy Industry Economics and Country Risk Services

    Economics & Country Risk Services for Energy Evalute long-term growth trends. The International Energy Agency estimates that approximately $11 trillion in new investments in oil and gas supplies will be needed by 2030. In

  20. Maritime Industry Economics and Country Risk Services

    Economics & Country Risk Services for Maritime Assess the performance of adjacent industries. With huge investment needed to capture uncertain demand, entire industry value chains shifting eastward, ongoing security conce

  21. Mining Industry Economics and Country Risk Services

    Economics & Country Risk Services for Mining Merge risk and opportunity. For the mining industry, increased productivity is a strategic imperative. With global economic uncertainty and policies shifting, companies can’t a

  22. Global Oil and Gas Industry Analytics and Forecasting

    Oil & Gas Suites Leverage actionable insight across the petroleum sector value chain Oil and gas professionals face challenges, uncertainties and risks as they screen the world for investment opportunities. Optimal decisi

  23. Business Market Insights

    Business Market Insights Predict where your business will thrive in the United States Could you better size and target markets? More effectively allocate resources?This robust database provides business employment and output

  24. Oil Market Services Suites

    Oil Market and Downstream Suites Optimize your decisions across the oil and downstream value chain Oil and gas producers, refiners, pipeline, shipping and terminal companies face tremendous challenges, ongoing uncertainties,

  25. Foresight Country Risk Forecasting and Analysis

    Foresight Country Risk Enhance intelligence-led underwriting decisions What if you could access all of the intelligence you need on the specific perils you cover?Get streamed intelligence, dynamic forecasts, advanced mapping,

  26. North America Power and Gas Forecasting and Analysis

    North America Gas & Power Suite Access forecasts, insight and expertise on North America’s energy markets. How do you ensure your strategic decision making is informed by comprehensive and detailed expert analysis?Gas and

  27. EViews - Econometric Modeling & Analysis Software

    EViews Econometric Modeling Software Perform econometric modeling with agility and speed Do you need to create budget forecasts? Build models and simulations?With an intuitive interface and one of the largest sets of data man

  28. Global Economic Data - Economic Indicator Database

    Global Economic Data Unlock opportunities across 200+ countries Do you need global economic data to invest confidently?Tap into the world’s largest commercially available global economic database covering 200+ countries. Each

  29. Global Strategy Solution Suite

    Global Strategy Solution Suite Unlock global markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage To deliver sustainable growth, companies must operate in industries and markets with attractive rates of return and attain a competi

  30. Cargo and Marine Risk Watch Lists

    Cargo and Marine Risk Watch Lists Make informed decisions with a clear view of global cargo and marine risk Do you need to factor risk into cargo transport or underwriting decisions?IHS Country Risk maintains two monthly upda

  31. Global Link Model – Scenario Analysis and Modeling

    Global Link Model Anticipate the impact of change on the drivers of your performance Do you incorporate scenarios in your planning process? The IHS Global Link Model is the most comprehensive global macroeconomic model commer

  32. Dynamic Pharmaceutical Pricing 2012

    Dynamic Pharmaceutical Pricing 2012: What’s Really Behind Drug Prices? Understanding drug prices is challenging. Price drivers are difficult to determine and unexpected movements do occur, particularly during periods of healt

  33. MCS European Pharmacovigilance Reform

    European Pharmacovigilance Reform Strategic Implications of Ongoing Benefit-Risk Assessment Across the Product Lifecycle Globally, there is a heightened focus on the risk-benefit profile of medicines. In Europe, the new pharm

  34. The New Reality of Relative Effectiveness Study

    An International Comparison of Evolving Requirements Relative effectiveness assessment systems are new, complex, and set to shape the future requirements for drug makers seeking reimbursement for new therapies in Europe. Deve

  35. Payer - Industry Partnerships in the Emerging Markets

    Best Practices for Successful Market Access of New Pharmaceuticals With drug spending slowing in the traditional biopharmaceutical markets, the emerging markets represent the strongest untapped growth opportunity – but market

  36. Power and Renewable Energy Market Analysis

    Power and Renewables Suite Access strategic insight into the world’s power and renewable energy markets Power markets across the globe are seeing significant change. Renewable energy is becoming more mainstream: prices are fa

  37. Global Gas Market Analysis and Forecasting Suite

    Global Gas Suite Make astute decisions throughout the global gas market As the debate continues over how to meet global energy demand, the role of gas has come under the spotlight. Gas will continue to be a major part of the

  38. Reservoir Engineering Consulting

    IHS Fekete Reservoir Engineering Consulting Services Optimize reservoir performance We offer interdisciplinary expertise across a team of reservoir engineers, geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, production engineers,

  39. Coal Industry Conferences and Events

    Coal Events & Conferences Revitalize business strategy, connect with peers and gain timely, unbiased insight at a Coal industry event. Listen to global thought leaders, develop professional contacts and leverage a thoroug

  40. Crude Oil Market Forecasting and Analysis

    Crude Oil Markets Optimize strategy and investments with reliable crude oil market analysis Do you need to know the state and likely trajectories of global oil supply/demand and prices?Access an exclusive combination of regul

  41. North America Energy Supply Analytics

    IHS North America Supply Analytics Optimize unconventional assets with robust forecasting and unparalleled operational insights Are you responsible for evaluating or investing in unconventional oil and gas plays?This service

  42. Downstream Competition Service

    Downstream Competition Service Benchmark the competition Do you need to compare the strategies and performance of the leading downstream companies? Assess the growth potential of a company’s downstream portfolio?Access unbias

  43. Energy Company and Transaction Research

    Energy Company & Transaction Research Maximize your decision making to drive investment or growth strategies Do you need to screen asset acquisition opportunities? Determine the drivers of company shareholder value or ana

  44. Coal Industry Market Forecasting, Prices and Analysis

    Coal Services Access the world’s premier source for critical market intelligence, analysis, data, and insight on the global coal industry Where are the opportunities in today’s global coal market? What are the risks?IHS Energ

  45. Oil Markets and Downstream Oil Data and Analysis

    Oil Market and Downstream Services Access insight into the full downstream value chain The Oil Market and Downstream Services product family provides comprehensive historical and forward-looking data and analysis on downstrea

  46. Oil and Gas Cost Data Analysis and Forecasting

    Costs Services Maximize your CAPEX and OPEX cost strategies. Knowing the competitive environment can save your company millions of dollars: do you have the right insight?Escalating costs, price volatility, supplier constraint

  47. IHS McCloskey Coal Report and Price and Market Analysis

    IHS McCloskey Coal Report, Fax & Newswire Optimize trades, investments and business decisions. Do you need time-critical market intelligence and data to make deals and decisions? Require credible sources but are pressed f

  48. IHS US Coal Review and Coal & Energy Price Report

    US Coal Review, Coal & Energy Price Report Stay abreast of US coal and energy market developments. Do you need to track US coal prices, production, trades and contracts?US Coal Review covers the most significant weekly ev

  49. China Advisory Service China Oil & Gas -

    China Oil & Gas Invest with confidence Do you need to fully understand China’s energy prospects from an investor’s perspective? From the viewpoint of an impacted industry?This service provides a comprehensive, integrated

  50. European Energy Scenarios

    European Energy Scenarios Understand how markets, industry and technology evolve and impact Europe’s energy industry outlook How do you make your long-term risk analysis rigorous and robust?Developed primarily to support long

  51. European Power

    European Power Avoid risk and unlock opportunities. Do your strategic and investment plans rest upon an independent assessment of Europe’s power future?Gain a holistic, unbiased view of the European energy market through inte

  52. Latin America Gas & Power Forecasting

    Latin America Gas & Power Navigate the Latin American gas and power markets with unparalleled insight How do you ensure your investment decisions are informed by the most robust forecasts and corresponding in-depth analys

  53. North American Gas & Power Scenarios

    North American Gas and Power Scenarios Understand how markets, industry, and technology evolve and impact power and gas players How do you make your long-term risk analysis rigorous and robust?Stress test your strategic plans

  54. North American Natural Gas

    North American Natural Gas Gain crucial intelligence for the natural gas market The unconventional energy revolution is underway: are you positioned for growth?Access a 360-degree view of the North American natural gas market

  55. Russian-Caspian Oil and Gas Investment Data and Analysis

    Russian and Caspian Energy Access timely, expert insight for educated investment decisions Do you have or are you considering investments in Russian or Caspian oil and gas?This service provides strategic memos on political, e

  56. Future of Water in Unconventionals Water Studies

    Future of Water in Unconventionals Water Management Strategies Study and Water Market Opportunities Study Optimize water operations and investment strategies for unconventional oil & gas projects Are you looking to reduce

  57. The New Map of Global Gas: Unconventional Frontier Study

    The New Map of Global Gas Envision the future global gas market Do your investment decisions factor in the potential for new natural gas sources?This multiclient study builds upon the IHS Unconventional Frontier series to exp

  58. Bridging the Missing Money Gap: Energy & Power Case Study

    Bridging the Missing Money Gap: Solutions for Competitive Power Cash Flow Shortfalls Leverage a toolkit for evaluating solutions to the missing money gap Concerned about the fundamental design flaw in the wholesale power mark

  59. Canadian Oil Sands Dialogue

    Canadian Oil Sands Dialogue Inform strategy and advance the development dialogue with a shared, balanced perspective. Do you have a stake in oil sands development?Understand the pros and cons of competing development choices

  60. Eurasia Transportation Forum IHS

    IHS Eurasia Transportation Service Resolve transportation hurdles impeding Russian and Caspian oil and gas exports Are you an energy firm looking to improve Eurasian energy transportation? Or a policymaker in the region conce

  61. Upstream Technology and Innovation (UTAI)

    IHS Upstream Technology and Innovation (UTAI) Source, manage and advance strategic technology developments across the E&P value chain Do you have the right information and insights to make the best upstream technology inv

  62. Global Wind Power Advisory and Competitive Analysis IHS

    Global Wind Power Advisory Enhance your competitive positioning Looking to extend your company’s reach? Generate investment leads?Tap into a service that analyzes key issues across the global wind power value chain, from dema

  63. Europe Renewable Power Advisory & ForecastsIHS

    Europe Renewable Power Advisory Forge the future in de-carbonization Looking to meet 2025 renewable targets? Identify investment prospects?Utilize an advisory service that provides leading research on renewable power developm

  64. Emerging Renewable Power Markets Advisory and Forecasts

    Emerging Renewable Power Markets Gain a foothold in the renewable energy market Are you positioned to capitalize on the projected $1 trillion emerging renewable power market?This service offers leading research on renewable p

  65. Midstream Gas Consulting

    Midstream Gas Consulting Manage the delivery, price and cost of gas between the wellhead and end markets What is the cheapest energy to power my project? Which opportunities align best with my company’s strengths?IHS Energy C

  66. Downstream and Refining Consulting IHS

    Downstream and Refining Consulting Optimize long-term fuel mix strategies and position for growth Should we undertake an expansion? How much will it cost to build a refinery?IHS Energy Consulting collaborates with private and

  67. Regulatory Compliance & Comparative Analysis

    Regulatory Compliance & Comparative Analysis Consulting Achieve worldwide energy regulatory compliance and attract foreign investment in the energy sector Which laws apply to our operations? Do we have the right permits?

  68. Upstream Oil and Gas Consulting

    Upstream Oil and Gas Consulting Optimize portfolio and performance Where should we invest next? Can we cut production costs in one area to offset higher costs elsewhere?IHS Energy Consulting collaborates with corporate and go

  69. Capital Costs Analysis Service - European Power

    IHS European Power Capital Cost Analysis Service Drive efficiencies in power generation and transmission cost management How effective are you at managing costs? Are you world class in capital costs and asset management?Rein

  70. IHS Upstream Operating Costs Service

    Upstream Operating Costs Control and decrease upstream costs How effective are your current cost-cutting tools?Designed for upstream operators, this service monitors energy operating costs with our proprietary Upstream Operat

  71. IHS Upstream Capital Costs Service

    IHS Upstream Capital Costs Service Improve your upstream margins. How effective are your current cost-cutting tools?Designed for upstream operators, this service determines upstream project development costs through the appli

  72. Energy Market Survey System: Oil/Gas Drilling and Wells

    Market Survey System – Drilling and Well Services Optimize transaction timing and spend for oil drilling and well services Are you prepared to deal with supply bottlenecks? Or capitalize on supply opportunities?Part of the Ma

  73. Energy Strategic Horizons: Oil & Gas

    IHS Energy Strategic Horizons Keep pace quickly and easily with global oil and gas developments How do you track industry developments where you invest or conduct business? What if you could download an expert synopsis worthy

  74. Gas Competition Service

    Gas Competition Service Position for success with competitor analysis in the gas markets Do you need to better understand the strategy of partners, competitors, suppliers or customers? Need to know how global gas trends will

  75. Upstream Competition Service

    IHS Upstream Competition Service Assess the world’s top upstream energy competitors and partnership opportunities Do you have easy access to peer group performance benchmarking? Looking for investment or joint venture opportu

  76. Global Deepwater and Growth Plays Service

    IHS Growth Play Service Master the dynamics and competition of global growth play activity Considering a deepwater or growth play for advancing offshore operations? Need to understand asset-level growth potential?This service

  77. National Oil Companies Strategies Service

    IHS National Oil Company Strategies Service Increase your understanding of the performance, strategy and key drivers of national oil companies and assess your partnership possibilities. Do you need to compare NOC strategies w

  78. Iraq Service

    Iraq Service Navigate Iraq’s ever-changing environment to achieve commercial success Are you relying on generic country intelligence for your investment and strategic decisions in Iraq?Access an energy advisory service that c

  79. Europe Gas and Power Market Analysis Suite

    Europe Gas and Power Suite Get strategic insight to compete in Europe’s gas and power markets Gas and power companies in Europe face major challenges – regulatory uncertainty, tough economic conditions, stagnating demand, agi

  80. Oil Refining and Refined Products Market Analysis

    Refining & Product Markets Navigate the refined oil product markets with confidence Are you analyzing long-term investments, opportunities or trends in the refining sector?Access authoritative analysis on changing dynamic

  81. Downstream Oil and Gas Country Monitoring

    Downstream Country Monitoring Benchmark performance and position for growth Need to know where your company stands in the market? Looking for downstream energy opportunities in a new or unfamiliar country?Find historical data

  82. Lubricants Competition and Markets

    Global Lubricants Extend your reach with a 360-degree view of the global lubricants industry Do you need to compare lubricants strategy and performance with those of competitors? Assess the business impact of industry trends?

  83. Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) Market Analysis and Forecasting

    Natural Gas Liquids Markets Source and invest with sound market fundamentals Do you need to understand future sources of NGL demand and determine whether NGL infrastructure investments are needed?This service leverages IHS pr

  84. Petrochemical Feedstocks Market Analysis and Forecasting

    Petrochemical Feedstocks Markets Understand what it takes to succeed in petrochemical feedstocks Do you need to make long-term capacity and infrastructure investment decisions?This service provides supply, demand and price fo

  85. Petroleum Economics and Policy Solutions (PEPS)

    Petroleum Economics and Policy Solutions (PEPS) Screen upstream opportunities and above-ground risk with one tool Established in 1993, PEPS is a service that allows you to quickly benchmark energy risk and compare E&P ran

  86. Energy Daily News & Analysis

    IHS The Energy Daily (TED) Gain a competitive intelligence edge with breaking US energy news and policy analysis Why base today’s decisions on last week’s news?Access daily news and analysis from IHS The Energy Daily for the

  87. China Gas, Power & Coal

    China Gas, Power & Coal Size regional markets and source low-cost energy Do you need to fully understand China’s energy prospects from an investor’s perspective? From the viewpoint of an impacted industry?Leverage integra

  88. Global Steam Coal Advisory

    Global Steam Coal Capitalize on the global steam coal market with strategic analysis and insight Do you need to know what the global steam coal market will look like in 25 years?This service combines data, reports and member

  89. China Coal Monthly and Daily News

    China Coal Monthly and Daily Secure competitive positioning in the complex, rapidly changing Chinese coal market Do you have reliable data and in-depth market intelligence for large-revenue decisions? Locally based expertise?

  90. South African Coal Report and Steam and Met Coal Prices

    South African Coal Report Approach the rapidly changing South African coal market with confidence Are you looking to trade in the South African coal market? Need time-critical intelligence and data?This report offers weekly m

  91. Steam Coal Forecaster and Global Trade Data

    Steam Coal Forecaster Assess market balance, identify trends and maximize opportunities Do you need to identify and predict turning points in the global steam coal markets? Do you need a short-term forecasting tool?This servi

  92. Coal Price Data, Indexes and Industry Statistics

    Statistics & Pricing Buy, sell and trade smarter Are you using accurate, independent coal prices and data for business deals and decisions?Get reliable, benchmark coal pricing and statistics from a global analyst network.

  93. Petcoke Report

    Petcoke Report Optimize trades, purchases and sales Are your decisions based on independent, accurate data?This monthly report provides the latest commentary on the global petroleum coke indystry. It gives detailed statistics

  94. Upstream Energy and Power Industry Future

    Upstream Industry Future Drive production growth and ROI Are you basing critical EandP decisions on outdated information?Access upstream energy forecasts and forward-looking analysis to support your EandP decisions and invest

  95. North America Renewable Power Advisory

    North America Renewable Power Advisory Understand the drivers for growth and competitive landscape in the renewable power sector In which markets will renewable energy technologies significantly contribute to electric power s

  96. Energy Sentiment: Pulse

    IHS Energy Sentiment Intelligence Analyze public attitudes, and identify communities, stakeholders and key influencers How does the pubic feel about your corporate strategies, investments and operations? Who’s driving topical

  97. North American Power Advisory Service

    North American Power Navigate the North American power market with unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise How do you ensure your investment decisions are informed by the most robust power market forecasts?This annual sub

  98. European Gas

    European Gas Capitalize on market opportunities and manage long-term strategy Do your strategic plans rest on an accurate scenario of European gas through 2040?This annual subscription service provides 25-year supply, demand

  99. Commodity Price Watch – Agriculture Market Forecasts

    Commodity Price Watch Understand the key drivers of global agricultural commodity markets. Do you have an easy and reliable method for tracking agricultural commodity prices?Delivered monthly, the Commodity Price Watch provid

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