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Continued headwinds and geo-political flare ups have reignited global uncertainty, impacting construction investment. The industry faces constrained spending, changing policies, new environmental and safety regulations, and volatile supply chains.

IHS provides building material suppliers, construction equipment companies, architects, and contractors with accurate and timely data, analysis, research and insight into current and future market conditions. Avoid risks, inform market strategy, improve labor and supplier negotiations and secure design standards and product specifications with IHS solutions.

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Feb 10

Wireless System Monitors Torsional Vibration

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has developed a wireless sensor technology that promises less vibration for power generating equipment. Specifically, the system monitors torque fluctuations in the shafts of turbine generators, a capability unavailable until now. Grid induced torque pul..more

Feb 10

Will You Eat Synthesized Meat?

In recent years there has been a significant shift in how Americans consider and purchase their food. Sometime around 2000 it seems generic grocery shoppers began to care more about the quality and sourcing of the ingredients, than the convenience or the price point. The rise of specialty foods..more

Current Cross-industry Trend

What does online shopping have to do with the US construction market?

As the US economy regains strength, consumer confidence grows, leading to increased spend in retail construction. However, with clicks outpacing bricks, the US construction market could see lower demand for stores in favor of demand for warehouse space to support the growth in e-commerce retail sales.

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