Technology Advances and Innovation Pioneers Showcase

Tuesday, March 15
8:15 am – 5:00 pm

Only two years ago, technology developments focused on enabling non-oil-based feedstocks in the chemical technology, but with oil prices plummeting, the industry is “back-to-the future” with the long-term possibility of naphtha-based feedstocks becoming competitive. So once again, chemistry and engineering are being called upon to enable companies to be competitive in this changing feedstock world.

This full-day program will showcase a variety of innovations in chemistry, bio-science, and engineering for the production chemicals — all of which are advancing commercial competitiveness and sustainability to allow stakeholders to compete more effectively in a capital-constrained and a risk-averse business environment.

We will answer key questions:

  • How are mature chemical and bio industry leaders as well as independent technology companies managing and implementing technology advances?
  • What the implications of these innovations?
  • Where are the opportunities and barriers to innovations in today’s low-cost energy environment?

This year’s Technology Showcase program will include:

  • Fortune 500 chemical and life science operating companies
  • Catalyst and engineering companies
  • Independent technology companies

What delegates will receive:

  • Networking opportunities including breakfast, lunch, breaks, and Welcome Reception
  • Link to electronic presentations