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2017 Fall Automotive Conference – Shanghai

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Oct 19, 2017
中国上海 | Shanghai, China

参加IHS Markit 秋季大会了解最新的全球汽车市场前景。

Join us on October 19th as we present our latest outlook for the world's automotive markets.

Colin Couchman

Director - Global Automotive Sales Forecasting, IHS Markit

Colin Couchman is Director of Global Automotive Sales Forecasting at IHS Markit. His global analyst team specializes in light vehicle forecasting, manufacturer model program strategies and vehicle segmentation analysis. Couchman also oversees international bespoke forecasting projects for major clients. Couchman has more than 20 years of direct experience in forecasting trends in the automotive industry. He holds an MBA in International Management and a BA (Hons) in Economic History and Politics, both from the University of London.

Mark Fulthorpe

Director – Global Light Vehicle Production Forecast, IHS Markit Mr. Mark Fulthorpe, a director for the Automotive Group at IHSMarkit, heads the Global Light Vehicle Production Forecast.

Lin Huaibin

Manager – China Light Vehicle Sales Forecast, Automotive, IHS Markit Mr. Lin Huaibin is a manager of Automotive responsible for China light vehicles sales forecast and China Province/City light vehicles sales forecasts at IHS Markit.

Wang Jiajia

Analyst, Powertrain, IHS Automotive Wang is an analyst at IHS Automotive specializing in alternative propulsion research in China.

Henner Lehne

Senior Director – Global Vehicle Forecasting, Automotive, IHS Markit Mr. Henner Lehne is senior director of Global Vehicle Forecasting for the Automotive Group at IHS Markit.

Cassie Liu

Automotive Analyst, IHS Markit

Cassie Liu, IHS Markit Automotive Analyst, specializes in China’s medium and heavy duty commercial vehicle market analysis. Ms. Liu’s main responsibilities include analysis and forecast of medium and heavy duty commercial vehicle demand and supply fundamentals, automotive industry environment and trends, and automotive OEMs’ strategies and production activities. Ms. Liu also engages in consulting projects on China’s and global medium and heavy duty commercial vehicle markets.

Prior to joining IHS Markit, she was a pricing analyst at Cummins (China) and took charge of competitive analysis and pricing matrix management for engine products.

Based in Beijing, Ms. Liu holds a Master of Science degree from Lancaster University. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English.


IHS Markit汽车市场分析师,主要负责中国中重型商用车市场分析。其主要工作包括中国中重型商用车市场供给、需求、行业政策及趋势分析,中国中重型商用车厂商战略及产量的长期预测,并参与执行与国内及国际中重型商用车市场相关的研究咨询项目。

加入IHS Markit之前,刘女士曾在康明斯中国投资有限公司担任定价分析师,参与负责发动机产品的市场竞争分析以及价格模型的制定和管理。


Michael Liu

Senior Analyst, Automotive, IHS Markit Mr. Michael Liu is a senior analyst for Automotive at IHS Markit, focused on the Chinese ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and infotainment.

Boni Sa

萨博尼,经理,大中华区轻型车生产预测, Senior Analyst Boni Sa is the senior analyst responsible for Greater China light vehicle production forecast services. His expertise in China and Taiwan light vehicle production forecast includes OEM strategy analysis, platform analysis and forecasts, market trend analysis, products lifecycle analysis, government policy and consumer pattern issues. Before he joined IHS Automotive, Boni was responsible for the market research area at a Japanese auto homologation company.

Gao Tao

IHS大中华区轻型车辆生产预测经理 | Manager, Light Vehicle Production Forecasts, IHS Greater China

Gao Tao先生目前担任IHS大中华区轻型车辆生产预测服务经理。他主要负责中国大陆和台湾的轻型车辆生产预测事务,包括汽车制造商战略、平台、市场趋势和产品生命周期以及政府政策和消费模式分析。在加入IHS Automotive之前,Tao先生在上海一家德国汽车零部件公司负责战略市场研究工作长达七年时间。他拥有德国弗莱堡大学的经济学硕士学位。

Mr. Gao Tao serves as the Manager of the Greater China Light Vehicle Production Forecast service. His expertise in light vehicle production forecasting for China and Taiwan includes OEM strategy, platform, market trend and product lifecycle analysis of government policy and consumer pattern issues. Before joining IHS Automotive, Mr. Tao took the responsibility in the Strategic Market Research area in an German auto component company in Shanghai for seven years. He holds a master degree of Economics from the University Freiburg, Germany.

Joyce Wang

IHS Automotive大中华区零部件预测经理 | Manager, Greater China Component Forecast, IHS Automotive

Joyce Wang目前负责IHS Automotive大中华区零部件预测服务。她主要从事供应链分析、机会识别和评估、业务发展战略、市场和产品规划方面的事务。

Joyce Wang is in charge of Greater China Component Forecast service. She specializes in supply chain analysis, opportunity identification and assessment, business development strategy, market and product planning.

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