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2016 国际油气发展研讨会 | 2016 International Oil & Gas Executive Forum

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Dec 16, 2015
Beijing, China

IHS and CNPC ETRI are jointly hosting the 2016 International Oil & Gas Executive Forum.


The global energy industry and key producing and consuming countries are undergoing profound changes today as oil prices fell precipitously. In China, the 13th Five-Year period is about to commence, with the Chinese government embarking on a journey with fresh reform efforts focused on the oil and gas industry, with a mission to initiate an “energy revolution.”

为了帮助行业各界洞察全球能源及地缘政治的关键发展趋势,并深刻理解这些变化对政府与企业的影响,中国石油集团经济技术研究院与世界著名信息咨询公司 IHS 联手将于2015 年 12 月 16 日在北京联合举办2016 国际油气发展研讨会。

To help the industry discern the critical trends in global energy and geopolitics, and to assess their impact on companies and governments alike, CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute (ETRI) and IHS will jointly host the 2016 International Oil & Gas Executive Forum in Beijing, on December 16, 2015.

“新起点,新格局,新挑战:在低油价与改革中前进“ 为主题,这届论坛将邀请政府部门、行业协会、大型能源企业以及国内外知名研究机构及专家到场分享他们的真知卓见,回顾那些在 年对能源行业造成重大影响的事件,并展望未来的能源市场与改革。

With the theme New Beginning, New Landscape, New Challenge: Moving Forward Amidst Low Oil Prices and Reforms, the Forum will include key Chinese government agencies, large energy companies, as well as research organizations and experts to share their views. The Forum will review key events that have helped shape the energy sector in 2015 and provide industry outlooks for the coming years.

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