How will you – and the entire Electronics industry – evolve?

To help you figure it out, IHS has committed substantial global resources to bring you the most accurate cross-industry, ground-level intelligence you'll find anywhere—giving you the exclusive insights you need to allocate your resources in the most profitable areas and technologies.

Because simply knowing what's on the way is only half of it; knowing how to leverage your position to take full advantage is the critical piece.

That means you won't just hear about how the Electronics industry is expected to grow modestly over the next several years. We'll tell you why your supply chain might be disrupted, who's going to benefit, where the opportunities are emerging and how you can seize them.

How are critical global trends shaping the future of the Technology industry? Find out right now. Download our latest white paper, 4 Critical Trends in Technology for 2014 and Beyond.

IHS will bring you more than the impact of weather events around the world or key legislation in the U.S. We'll tell you how workers are responding to local labor laws; which mineral supplies are threatened by physical shortages, politics or conflicts; how regional factions might impede—or encourage—certain new technologies and whether international populations are psychologically and financially able to embrace your new ideas, or might just be indifferent.

Only IHS has the expertise to provide intelligence and guidance on geopolitical, economic, financial, security, legal, regulatory and environmental factors that will influence year-to-year trends in Electronics—and your profitability.

Get the big picture, and stay ahead of the trends with intelligence and insight from IHS.

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