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IHS Kingdom maximizes the efficiency and productivity of your interpreters - Just because the world of oil and gas has become more complex, doesn’t mean that your software has to. Kingdom is an integrated geoscience environment tailored for your largest and most complex geoscientific workflows that continues enabling high productivity by providing the most efficient interpretation workspace available.

With IHS Kingdom interpreters utilize: 

  • Streamlined access to IHS and proprietary information, resulting in faster evaluation and more efficient decision making. 
  • Toolsets that integrate multi-domain data and empower asset teams to collaborate and coordinate activities more quickly and efficiently than ever before. 
  • Efficiency increases in optimized drilling and field development environments by providing game-changing technology that allows for real-time decision making.
What’s New

IHS Kingdom 2016

IHS continues to drive product innovation by providing scalable solutions for interpretation that allow integrated asset team collaboration. Known for its powerful geophysical capabilities, Kingdom 2016 now provides equivalent strength and flexibility for the geological domain.

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Get a comprehensive overview of IHS Kingdom (PDF, 3 MB), its functions and modules, and connections to IHS information to complete your asset team workflow.

Webinars & Videos

Geosteering with Ease in IHS Kingdom Geology
While the potential rewards in unconventional reservoirs are great, so are the technological and economic challenges. Drilling horizontal wells requires making adjustments to the target locations in order to stay in the zone of interest. See how Kingdom's Geosteering tools help you accurately and quickly predict the geology ahead of the drill bit much more effectively than traditional tools.
View Geosteering Webcast

Reducing Geologic Uncertainty in Seismic Interpretation
This presentation examines uncertainty reducing workflows associated with IHS GeoSyn and IHS Kingdom's SA Inversion functionality integrated with interpretation techniques.
Download Reducing Geologic Uncertainty in Seismic Interpretation Webcast

Enhanced Geologic Mapping and Visualization with Kingdom 2015
In this webcast, you will discover how Kingdom 2015 provides geologists with tools to interpret and visualize geologic information in three dimensions.
Download Enhanced Geologic Mapping Webcast

Introducing Kingdom 2015
In this webcast, you will receive a high-level introduction to a number of exciting new enhancements in the Kingdom 2015 release, including Dynamic Map Update, Enhanced Geosteering, VuPAK 3D Geology and more.
Download Introducing Kingdom 2015 Webcast

Constructing Geologic Scenarios with Kingdom and GeoSyn
In this webcast, you will learn how IHS Geoscience solutions enable you to construct TD charts and synthetics using GeoSyn 1D, model geologic uncertainties and answer multiple "what if" scenarios using GeoSyn 2D, and calculate, grid and map key reservoir attributes using the petrophysical analysis tools in Kingdom EarthPAK.
Download Constructing Geologic Scenarios Webcast

Kingdom Gateway plug-in for Petrel Software
Interpreters are passionate about Kingdom, modelers about Petrel. This webinar will show how to get the best of both worlds within a seamless workflow.
Download Kingdom Gateway plug-in for Petrel Webcast

IHS Kingdom Dynamic Depth Conversion
New Kingdom Dynamic Depth Conversion functionality, available now in Kingdom 2D/3DPAK Advanced enables you to reduce cycle times associated with velocity modeling and time-to-depth processes from hours to minutes.
Learn more by viewing this webinar.

Determination of Geomorphology of Paleozoic Sediments - available soon
This webinar will use IHS Kingdom and IHS GeoSyn to identify and map small scale geomorphic features that can be used to develop a coherent storyline describing the paleo-environment at a scale suitable to identify optimal well placement locations.

Case Studies & Whitepapers

Geosteering in Kingdom: Guide Wells to the sweet spot
While the potential rewards in unconventional plays are great, so are the technological and economic challenges. The most effective way to reach reserves is through horizontal wells, which can cost many times more than traditional vertical wells. The accompanying increased investment makes accurately targeting reservoirs even more critical.
Learn More

Keys to Success in Shale Play Development with IHS Kingdom
Despite the abundance of shale reserves throughout the world, successful exploitation of these resource plays presents a unique set of challenges for the geoscientist. This paper provides helpful information for navigating the complex landscape using IHS Kingdom.
Learn More (PDF)

Orinoco Oil Belt Heavy Oil Interpretation using IHS Kingdom
This work reviews some geological and geophysical characteristics of the crude oil and the reservoir rocks in the Orinoco Oil Belt. Expected seismic responses are also analyzed, as well as seismic data. Recommendations are given about the use of Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHI) and the use of IHS Kingdom attributes and Spectral Decomposition to facilitate the interpretation.
Learn More (PDF)

Swift Energy Improves Efficiency and Productivity in Eagle Ford Shale with IHS Kingdom 8.8
Swift Energy Company has been a major player in energy exploration and production for more than thirty years. Despite market volatility, the company has thrived by seizing opportunities, including early adoption of technologies that have transformed oil and gas exploration and production. To help improve the efficiency of its exploration and drilling operations, Swift has come to rely extensively on IHS Kingdom geoscience software.