IHS Intelligent Workflows


IHS Geoscience is the global industry leader in geoscience interpretation software, incorporating science that spans geological, geophysical, and engineering capabilities while also providing the most integrated, scalable, flexible and collaborative tool sets in the market today.

Whether using IHS Kingdom® as an integrated environment for enterprise deployment, or IHS Petra®, a fit-for-purpose, project-based geological interpretation solution, IHS Geoscience has the best solution for your business.

What's New

IHS Kingdom 2016

IHS continues to drive product innovation by providing scalable solutions for interpretation that allow integrated asset team collaboration. Known for its powerful geophysical capabilities, Kingdom 2016 now provides equivalent strength and flexibility for the geological domain.

IHS Petra 2016

Petra is known for its flexibility and mature set of capabilities in the geological market place but it also offers tools and proficiencies for engineering workflows. With the current version of Petra, IHS continues to provide further integration and collaboration between the geological and engineering user community.