Our newly printed map magnifies global economic shifts, hot and cold commodity prices, and risks to watch for in 2017.

A clear 360 degree perspective on what matters most to your business ― bring your biggest opportunities and risks into focus.

Risk Mitigation
Risk Mitigation

Evaluate opportunities and risk factors

Identify fast growing economies, spot high risk regions, and put a more strategic growth plan in place. Global economies impact our daily business decisions. Utilize our industry expertise and insight to gain more clarity for making more informed business decisions.

Growth and Market Planning

Anticipate and prepare for impact

Do you know which end markets will outperform others? Let our insight and comprehensive global map help highlight regions that may experience potentially shocking economic and commodity shifts.

Cost Analysis
Cost Analysis

Allocate resources

Which commodity prices should you watch for in the upcoming year? Understanding the end markets and factors impacting them will help you work more efficiently and effectively.

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Risk Mitigation

Assess and monitor risks to assets and personnel

Visualize risks to specific assets and locations for every 5002 meters of land

Monitor location-specific risks with access to daily intelligence, country reports, special reports, risk rating and location intelligence tools

Quantify risks to all of your exposures worldwide with location specific risk scores covering Political, Violence Civil unrest, Terrorism, and War

Anticipate travel related risk for key personnel by tracking risk events, evaluate security threats and potential impact to locations with the latest intelligence events data

Cost Analysis

Effective buying negotiation and strategic material purchases

Anticipate risks and price fluctuations to labor and commodity costs

Quantify the impact of raw material price change on downstream manufacturing

Build cost composites to estimate project or project cost changes over time

Growth and Market Planning

Market entry, growth plans, and being the first to see what’s next

Size markets with a holistic view of the economic and risk environment at the country, industry, and sector level

Assess risks and opportunities in over 200 countries with a global analysis if the policy, contextual, and operational factors impacting FDI

Forecast market trends with a daily analysis of the factors impacting business conditions using PMI, GDP and consumer data

Plan for alternative outcomes with a cutting-edge economic model that links global interdependent markets, and access to our award-winning analysts researchers, and consultants