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India which was ranked 16th globally in 2001 will be the 3rd biggest market leaving behind Germany in 2017 and Japan in 2020. According to IHS Automotive forecast.

Similarly in Production India is expected to jump from current 6th ranking to 4th, trailing just behind US, China and Japan.

In last 15 years, we have seen entry of numerous global automotive players in India. In 2000, only 16 car manufacturers were present in India and we will expect by 2020 around 55 car manufacturers to compete for business in India, and similarly in production front, around 39 manufacturers will be making cars in India by 2020 serving both domestic and exports market.

India automotive industry is going through the transformation phase. Political stability, new regulations, increasing competition and rising consumer expectations will shape the way auto manufacturers or suppliers do their business in India.

The long-term outlook remains positive for strong fundamental reasons such as high GDP growth, adequate financing availability, higher per capita GDP, decreasing unemployment, increasing disposable incomes, favorable demographics, and rising consumer expectations. The new government’s efforts to implement a GST, build smart cities, and revive key sectors such as mining and infrastructure should boost job creation. Other key factors for substantial growth are higher spending on infrastructure and the government’s focus on rural areas. India’s young population, coupled with low vehicle penetration levels, is expected to steer the Indian automotive industry for the future. For the long term, we maintain our forecast for the seven-year compound annual growth rate at more than 8% for the Indian market.

Understanding the historical data, market trends and insights, along with reliable set of forecast data will maximize opportunity targeting and help you formulate the best business strategy to remain in the forefront of industry. Automotive solution- part of *IHS Markit- offers the most comprehensive content and deepest expertise and insight on the automotive industry available anywhere in the world today.

Automotive insight is built on the most comprehensive, automotive-centric data and analytic assets in the industry delivering value and capabilities across the entire automotive value chain – from 12-Year Global Production Forecasts to Localized Daily Sales Updates Covering Product Planning, Marketing, Sales and the Aftermarket.

The investment we have made in our Data Foundation includes:

  • More than 30 years of expert knowledge and operating experience in collecting, cleansing, processing and refining automotive data, combined with more than 50 engineers and data analysts with technical and automotive backgrounds that refine the applications and reporting systems to access and extract vehicle and market information for visualization and analysis based on a market-orientated code structure.

Global vehicle nomenclatures providing consistent worldwide platform/program codes, unique make-model identifiers, and industry standard segmentations are our unique differentiator. Our global nomenclatures, taxonomies and attributes (such as global make-model, or global platform codes) allow our customers to analyze the data seamlessly across jurisdictions.

About *IHS Markit

IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO) is a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive economies worldwide. The company delivers next-generation information, analytics and solutions to customers in business, finance and government, improving their operational efficiency and providing deep insights that lead to well-informed, confident decisions. IHS Markit has more than 50,000 key business and government customers, including 80 percent of the Fortune Global 500 and the world’s leading financial institutions. Headquartered in London, IHS Markit is committed to sustainable, profitable growth.

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Automotive Solutions Supporting OEM & Supplier Workflows to Drive Actionable Deliveries


Insight into future vehicle sales, powertrain and production to plan strategically and maximize opportunity

Do you need to identify new opportunities and validate portfolio management?
Access competitive dynamics for better benchmarking?
Do you need to understand the latest technology innovations?

Recommended Solutions:

a. 7-year Production Forecast which offers comprehensive future vehicle cycle plans, projected volumes and plant capacity utilization data for OEMs and suppliers, with monthly updates and add-on planning and analysis tools. This analysis of data for 99% of global light vehicle production and 30+ attributes is designed to help you:

  • Create strategic business plans
  • Target OEM/supplier entry points
  • Benchmark against short-term OEM build expectations
  • Assess rival products and assembly capacity
  • Monitor competitors launch timings

b. 7-year independent analysis of light-vehicle demand and segment growth integrates current information with 10 years of historical data. Updated twice a quarter and can be expanded with add-on modules. The base forecast is authored by industry and economic experts located in 10 countries to help you:

  • Monitor competitive product/segment trends
  • Analyze customer growth
  • Track technology adoption
  • Understand OEM brand strength
  • Gauge market share

Download Automotive LV Sales Forecast base brochure

c. 12-year commercial vehicle forecast with quarterly updates delivers business intelligence on sales and production in 75+ countries. Information on consumer demand, OEM production, market trends, segment growth and competitive dynamics helps you:

  • Target new business
  • Capitalize on market and segment trends
  • Outrun the competition
  • Plan for the future

Download Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicle Industry Forecast brochure

d. 7-year forecast with monthly updates provides both existing and projected light-vehicle transmissions data for more than 50 countries and 40 technical attributes. Our analysis of automotive market trends and technology innovation can help you:

  • Evaluate your competitive portfolio
  • Stay abreast of future technology developments and deployments
  • Target emerging opportunities
  • Adjust volume and revenue plans
  • Align supplier relationships

Note: Add-on modules include: alternative propulsion and extension forecast, and driveline module


Solution suite to address entire supplier workflow- from product planning to strategy services

Do you want to master the automotive supply-chain environment?
Wondering which technologies offer the best value?
Acquire information on your competitors’ component strategies?

Taking advantage of market opportunities while balancing risk and profitability is a constant challenge for automotive suppliers; understanding OEM sourcing and technology strategies along with current competitive supplier relationships is critical to a supplier’s success. IHS Markit supports suppliers business planning and execution with local automotive market knowledge, competitor benchmarking, sourcing analysis, business-opportunity targeting and technology deep-dives. We offer a structured research and analysis framework for component and technology systems and sub-systems, so you can:

  • Capture “unsourced” business
  • Prioritize programs
  • Increase sales efficiency and profitability
  • Reduce application engineering costs
  • Establish effective investment and M&A strategy

SupplierInsight offers a lens into more than a dozen vehicle component categories. Each service provides the insight you need to anticipate future demand, access competitive intelligence and stay abreast of changing dynamics. SupplierInsight services include:

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Infotainment
  • Services, Apps and Software (SAS)
  • User Interface and Experience (UI/UX)
  • Lighting
  • Electrical/ Electronics
  • Interior Comfort and Passive Safety
  • Thermal Management
  • OEM Strategy
  • Materials and Light-weighting
  • Chassis
  • E-Mobility
  • Powertrain Components and Technologies

From key trends affecting today’s business environment to forward-looking forecasts of future output, SupplierInsight provides the information you need to develop strategy for each of its services.
SupplierInsight’s landing page is the gateway to IHS Automotive’s component and technology research, thought leadership, and analysis. The home page enables you to access all services, view featured stories, scroll through a feed of the most recently added assets based on your preferences, or navigate assets by category/topic.

SupplierInsight Asset Categories:    

News and analysis
Get analysis of industry news and gain our unique perspective on latest developments.

SupplierInsight maintains an ongoing list of industry events relevant to each service.

Access regional supplier and sectorial reports that provide statistics, forecasts, and trend analysis, all fueled by IHS Markit component and technology analysts thought leadership.

Component and technology forecasts
Identify specific new business opportunities through a six-year forecast calendar of new programs, analyze technology deployment on a program level and monitor OEM sourcing strategies for specific components.

Supplier profiles and directory
Access key information on suppliers current business as well as a list of current contracts gathered through proprietary surveys of the supply base. More than 1,000 supplier profiles are available globally.

Compliance and Risk Management

Will your fleet be compliant? Are you willing to pay noncompliant penalties or carbon credits?

IHS Markit, in partnership with Novation Analytics, has developed a one-of-a-kind solution to help you balance emissions and fuel economy with performance, utility and compliance. Our Vehicle Performance and Compliance Monitor (VPaC) will help you:

  • Determine CO2 and fuel efficiency for competitors future vehicles
  • Understand the tradeoffs between the costs of new technologies and the resulting vehicle performance
  • Assess the tradeoffs between government compliance fees versus potential sales
  • Determine the cost/benefit business case for your technology versus other viable options

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Download Vehicle Performance and Compliance Monitor (VPaC) brochure

Aftermarket Parts Cataloging and Revenue Planning

Need to adjust car parts research to OEM globalization?
Need to validate business planning with current and future VIO?
Manage inventory and investment decisions?

IHS Automotive Aftermarket Solutions:

a. Worldview: An online resource that links auto aftermarket parts data on vehicles across global markets, helping replacement part manufacturers, retailers, wholesale distributors and OEMs:

  • Inform manufacturing, ordering and stocking decisions
  • Understand worldwide aftermarket car parts potential
  • Guide product planning
  • Manage inventory and cataloging
  • Track aftermarket auto part demand trends

Get Worldview Brochure

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IHS Automotive Worldview

b. 5-year forecast of US Vehicles in Operation (VIO), which supports aftermarket professionals with comprehensive VIN-based data on vehicles currently on the road and those set to launch within four years, helping you:

  • Inform production decisions
  • Understand parts potential before vehicle launch
  • Predict future parts demand and market timing
  • Plan market entrance and exit
  • Gauge scrap rates for specific makes and models

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