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Choosing the right seismic and geological interpretive software can make all the difference in today’s complex world of oil and gas. Why? Because when you advance your geological interpretations with a scalable platform, you enable teams to make faster, more confident decisions on where to drill for oil and gas.

Kingdom helps your teams work smarter, not harder, so they can be the first to find new oil and gas opportunities.

Kingdom enables:

  • Better Collaboration - Hit the zone 95% of the time with Kingdom Geosteering. Enhanced collaboration increases productive geology and enables better predictions
  • Higher Productivity - Work smarter and benefit from an intuitive interface and user experience. With Kingdom you can complete 90% of key workflows and reduce your cycle time by half through streamlined workflows, increased performance with large projects, and reduced bottlenecks through shared data and workflows
  • Ease of Use - Rated number one for easiest to use interpretation, Kingdom allows for more time spent on geoscience and engineering versus learning how to use your software. Built-in videos, training and tutorials are a mouse click away, and with Kingdom MyAccount, a one stop portal for support, our knowledge base of help resources, software updates, and training
  • Sophisticated Data Management - Stop wasting time on managing data and get to the business of drilling. Kingdom has the power to manage 1,000,000+ wells, all while avoiding duplication, lost data, with a multi-user environment that will not bog you down
  • Lower Cost of Ownership - Save an average of 6 times the cost over the nearest competitor as Kingdom increases performance and scalability while lowering the cost of high technology software and systems. Contact us about our bundled technology, combined software and data, and lower costs for IT and infrastructure

Higher productivity and better collaboration through practical geoscience solutions

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