Economic, Political, and Security Implications of Elections

Possible game-shifting elections are unfolding world-wide this year.

Governments are struggling with the push and pull between pro-growth and protectionist populism. Spurred by weak economic growth and increased unrest we are living, and doing business, in an environment of extreme volatility.

What's unfolding in France?

First round voting in the French presidential elections on 23 April saw the independent centrist Emmanuel Macron, with 23.75%, and the right-wing nationalist Marine LePen, with 21.53%, proceed to a second round run-off on 7 May. Voter turnout was strong at around 70%. And despite the markets' positive reaction, the outcome of the second round is far from certain.

Our Economics & Country Risk experts can help you understand how changes in policy and power can fuel your strategy and growth plans.

  • Will the new government help to boost economic growth in France?
  • What are the implications of the upcoming legislative elections in June?
  • What does the new government mean for EU stability and economic growth?
  • What are the challenges to France's security?
  • What can we learn from overall election outcomes across the globe?

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