Is your organization prepared for a global recession? Set up your scenario, change assumptions and understand the impact.

Are you ready to cope with major economic disruptions, or continued low oil prices, or even a series of Asia-Pacific currency depreciations?

Anticipate, quantify, and take advantage of the impact of economic and industry shifts with the IHS Global Link Model and scenario tool. Generate and access accurate quantitative results along with the context you need to help you assess trends and build strategies.

Download a sample of our World Recession Scenario and see how our scenarios can help you understand the impact of small and large changes in the global economy on your organizations.

Designed by economists for economists, analysts, and strategic planners, the IHS Global Link Model and scenario builder, with its user-friendly interface, makes nuanced scenario building fast, easy and accessible. IHS Global Link Model provides:

  • 68 individual country models
  • 95% of global GDP
  • 250 – 500 indicators per country
  • Quarterly baseline forecasts
  • 30-year forecasts, enabling critical longer term planning

Set your scenarios, change your assumptions, and quantify the impact to your organization in minutes. Subscribe today to:

  • Anticipate the impact of changes in commodity prices, exchange rates, monetary/financial policy, and a wide range of other variables
  • Identify future opportunities with scenario-based demand projections
  • Optimize your portfolio with a benchmark for ROI across different scenarios
  • Build business resiliency with scenario impact analysis across your value chain

The Global Link Model provides full access to the model, continued technical support, three detailed scenario assumptions per quarter, and with an executive summary describing the output and context.

Only want scenarios? Receive three scenario assumptions per year that include the detailed scenario along with an executive summary describing the output and context. Additional custom advisory services are available to address your organization's core needs.

Scenario studies available now:

  • World Recession Scenario
  • Low Oil Price Scenario
  • Asia-Pacific Currency Depreciation Scenario

Coming soon:

  • Brexit: Soft Exit Scenario
  • Brexit: Contentious Exit Scenario
  • Middle East War Scenario 

World Recession Scenario - Free study sample

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