Reduce Cycle Times Associated with Velocity Modeling and Time-to-Depth Processes from Hours to Minutes

IHS Kingdom Dynamic Depth Conversion facilitates construction, maintenance and display of time data in the depth domain. This dynamic depth conversion integrates horizons and well tops into a grid-based layered velocity model that is automatically maintained, providing efficient and accurate interpretation workflows.

Download this webinar to learn how Kingdom Dynamic Depth Conversion:

  • Benefits interpreters by leveraging data that is readily available to associate time horizons to corresponding well formation tops.
  • Reduces cycle time for converting seismic data from time to depth.
  • Provides dynamic and accurate geo-steering workflows by enabling the use of seismic volumes and interpretations in the depth domain to avoid drilling hazards, such as faults and optimize reservoir navigation.
  • Models lateral velocity variations by incorporating well formations top along the entire wellbore, ensuring the most accurate subsurface representation.

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