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Scale of thought.

Each day, people all over the world make choices that change our lives – in ways both large and small. The companies they work for have more economic might than some nations. They send fleets of cargo ships across the globe. The scale of thought required for business success is bound by nothing but the scope of their ambition.

An 80-inch LED TV to South Carolina via the Suez Canal

In recent years freight traffic travelling from Asia to the east coast of the U.S. has increasingly circumvented the Panama Canal and its restrictions on ship size in favor of the Suez Canal which open to larger vessels. Almost 30% of all container ships on order worldwide are massive 10,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) or larger.

What’s Giving the World Oil Market Jitters

In The Wall Street Journal, IHS Vice Chairman Daniel Yergin writes that Greece, Iran and China are creating fear around world oil prices. Strange as it may seem, the U.S. tops that list as well.

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Bigger vessels will rule the seas

The largest container ships today are just over 18,000 TEU, but enormous 24,000 TEU vessels are coming. While bigger ships translate to economies of scale, they also mean higher risk: the insured value of cargo aboard a 24,000 TEU ship would top $2 billion.

Maritime fuel, ahead full?

Regulations are in place to phase out high-sulfur maritime fuel. Ship owners will have retool ships to reduce emissions or move to a higher-cost liquefied natural gas. Either way, fuel specification changes will have significant impact on the global energy, refining and shipping industries. Read More

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Richard Clayton, Chief Analyst, IHS Maritime

From global maritime capacity forecasting to shipping program intelligence and from shipbroker strategies to future trends – Richard helps participants in the maritime value chain succeed...

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From South Korea to South Carolina

Television manufacturers need to be mindful of the consumers’ demands for intuitive devices and advanced technology. It is also imperative that they master the competitive landscape from a cost perspective which includes getting TVs to South Carolina. Read More.

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One television manufacturer had a plan

By analyzing vessel size and technology trends as well as shipping routes for seaborne cargo and matching this analysis to target sales geographies as well as to seasonal consumer buying patterns – one TV manufacturer was able to repeatedly select the most timely, economical shipping profiles.

From shipping channels to changing channels

IHS Thought Leadership – Information & Expertise

Chemicals on the move

The next five years will see accelerated growth in the global supply of the three key base chemicals.
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Your house is about to get smarter

One million "smart" appliances were shipped worldwide in 2014. By 2020, that figure could jump as high as 700 million, says IHS.
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