IHS Automotive 2014 Spring Conference Series

IHS Automotive

IHS Automotive is pleased to present our 2014 Spring Conference Series. These conferences provide clients with the latest update to our automotive forecasts, access to our analysts, and networking opportunities with industry peers.

The global automotive industry is well positioned to have another record sales year due to the improving economic conditions around the world.  The Eurozone crisis has abated and Europe will finally emerge from recession. US economic growth is improving as the housing market continues a strong recovery. Emerging countries’ economies will gain steam as their exports increase.

For the first time in many years, all major countries are expected to have higher economic growth than the previous year. The improving economic climate suggests the global automotive industry will finally be operating on all cylinders. However, as always, there are still potential bumps in the road. Join us for our Spring conference series as we look at an in-depth view of the automotive industry.

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