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Market Survey System helps you to optimize your business strategy with detailed market segment analysis, news, company profiles and customized reports.

Market Survey System
  • Market Survey SystemSM (MSS) is a comprehensive web-based tool for delivering in-depth market analysis and insights on various segments of the oil and gas industry.

    Define commercial opportunities faster
    Our worldwide team of experienced reporters and analysts brings you:

    • Continuous research of the 27 oil and gas market segments included
    • Constant direct dialogue with owners, operators, equipment manufacturers and service companies
    • Independent verification of contractual information and technical specifications
    • Accurate, independent and impartial data
    • Emphasis on timely delivery, data quality and insightful analysis

    MSS helps you:

    • Free existing resources from collecting data – spend more time on analysis
    • Identify new business opportunities
    • Spot emerging market trends
    • Optimize contracting and sales strategies
    • Create custom reports
    • Access a constant stream of directly sourced market news and data