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IHS Acquired ESS

These EHS&S software products are now available from IHS Inc. as the result of its 2009 acquisition of Environmental Support Solutions (ESS). ESS provided software and related services that enable organizations to address EHS and crisis management challenges more efficiently, at lower cost, while improving the quality and accuracy of internal and external reporting.

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IHS provides comprehensive information management solutions for environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) by providing flexible combinations of information content, industry expertise and best-in-class software.

Our industry leading portfolio of EHS&S software products includes:

  • IHS Essential Suite®
    Essential Suite enables organizations to successfully address a full spectrum of corporate EHS management initiatives – including carbon emissions and energy management, worker safety issues, incident/crisis management, corporate responsibility reporting and more. It lets users monitor and manage EHS activities at every level of their organization and meet compliance requirements under multiple regional, country-based or international mandates.
  • IHS Essential Air™
    Essential Air calculates and reports air emissions and then compares them to permit limits for all of your emissions sources, wherever they’re located, so you can save time, cut costs, and improve reporting consistency.
  • IHS Essential Audit™
    Essential Audit streamlines auditing work processes so you can proactively manage your EHS risks and drive operational excellence.
  • IHS Essential Chemical Inventory™
    Essential Chemical Inventory makes it easy to track chemical inventory information for use in satisfying inventory related regulatory requirements. By creating a central data repository, Essential Chemical Inventory lets you share material information with the other Essential Suite modules — to reduce the time and costs of ensuring regulatory compliance enterprise-wide.
  • IHS Essential Compliance Manager™
    Essential Compliance Manager manages your EHS&S compliance programs more effectively to create competitive advantages for your entire enterprise. It will help you understand today’s compliance status, why decisions were made in the past and what effect new regulations have on the cost of operations in the future.
  • IHS Essential Emergency™
    Essential Emergency is built by crisis managers for crisis managers, drawing on decades of development experience and proven field use.  It is the latest in a line of systems that have been used to successfully manage and mitigate all kinds of real-world incidents — from industrial accidents to natural disasters to terrorist attacks.
  • IHS Essential FEMS®
    Essential FEMS — Fugitive Emissions Management System — simplifies and automates all of the information processes required for complying with LDAR requirements in Hazardous Organics NESHAPS (HON), Benzene NESHAPS, New Source Performance Standards, NESHAPS Subpart FF, RCRA Subpart BB and many state specific requirements.
  • IHS Essential Incident™
    Essential Incident makes it easy to quickly collect and manage a broad spectrum of incident information from any individual across the enterprise. The software provides intuitive risk ranking capabilities designed for EHS professionals to analyze and prioritize risks.
  • IHS Essential Industrial Hygiene™
    Essential Industrial Hygiene helps protect employees from occupational exposures and evaluate the effectiveness of industrial hygiene programs in less time and at lower cost. 
  • IHS Essential MSDS Manager™
    Essential MSDS Manager helps  companies comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication  standard by making only the most up-to-date versions of MSDSs available to employees. Since the documents are stored and accessed electronically, duplication and distribution costs are dramatically reduced.
  • IHS Essential Performance Manager™
    Essential Performance Manager helps measure and communicate how EHS and Sustainability programs are performing so you can manage your business more effectively.
  • IHS Essential Task Manager™
    Essential Task Manager is designed to help managers meet operational objectives, maintain regulatory compliance and fulfill other goals by ensuring that all required actions are assigned and executed – on time and according to proper procedures.
  • IHS Essential Waste™
    Essential Waste helps companies comply with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) minimizing waste and tracking requirements by unifying, integrating and streamlining waste-related information throughout operations.
  • IHS Essential Water™
    Essential Water helps companies achieve, maintain and easily prove compliance with the U.S. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). 

These products are key components of IHS solutions for environmental performance, operational risk, and health and safety. To learn more about how EHS&S solutions from IHS can help you achieve your strategic goals for Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM), email us or request information.

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The EHS & Sustainability Customer Network (ECN) allows you to connect with a growing community of EHS&S, product stewardship and sustainability professionals. Experienced IHS software users are meeting online and in person at regional and international user conferences to share their knowledge, techniques, resources and experience to maximize their investments. With the ECN, gain access to our support teams, view your support ticket, connect with other users, and read our latest product news. Access the ECN website.

All products continue to be supported by the IHS technical support team.