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IHS Acquired Atrion

These EHS&S software products are now available from IHS Inc. as the result of its 2010 acquisition of Atrion International. Atrion was a leading product compliance solutions provider, delivering a range of managed regulatory content, as well as software applications and services. Atrion combined regulatory expertise and industry-leading technology to streamline the generation, management and distribution of hazardous materials communication documents and reports.

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IHS provides comprehensive information management solutions for environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) by providing flexible combinations of information content, industry expertise and best-in-class software.

Our industry-leading portfolio of EHS&S software products includes:

  • IHS Intelligent Authoring™
    The Intelligent Authoring application automates the creation of globally compliant and multi-lingual Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS/SDS, labels and hazard summary sheets as well as documents related to transportation, inventory reports and more.
  • IHS Product Compliance Suite™
    Product Compliance Suite is a highly flexible component-based solution. PCS is specifically designed to provide seamless raw materials management, auto creation and authoring of MSDS/SDS and other safety related documents needed to market and ship your products.
  • IHS ACE®
    ACE is a technology platform for product compliance, which turns isolated regulatory knowledge into mainstream information, across the organization and the supply chain. Acting as a compliance hub, ACE provides versatile privileged access to centralized regulatory intelligence eliminating the silos of EHS&S information.
  • IHS RegDBOnline®
    RegDBOnline is an online regulatory database for Environment, Health, Safety (EHS) and Transport Information. It has a built-in search engine to quickly enable you to locate global regulatory data and information on hundreds of thousands of chemicals.
  • IHS Regulatory Analysis Solution™
    IHS Regulatory Analysis Solution  is a product compliance solution, integrated with Infor’s PLM Optiva™, that enables companies to review and validate compliance at all phases of the product lifecycle and ensures consistency in regulatory content from the design phase through to product launch and production.
  • IHS Compliance Engine for EH&S™
    IHS Compliance Engine for EH&S complements SAP® EH&S environments by assisting in the regulatory analysis of complex product formulations, generating hazard communication documents such as the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), and enabling managed regulatory content to be delivered throughout the product life cycle.
  • IHS Document Manager™      
    IHS Document Manager reduces the cost of managing your supplier in-bound Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). It enables SDSs and related hazards communication documents to become widely available to employees via an intuitive web-based interface and eliminates work redundancy associated with paper handling and duplication by maintaining a central database of electronic documents.
  • IHS Compliance Library™      
    IHS Compliance Library is a comprehensive content rules, phrases and templates library that can conduct advanced analysis both within the regulatory and interpretive sections. It differentiates itself with its capacity for true regulatory interpretation and its ability to make distinctions between regulatory needs based on country, industry, and product classification (raw material / finished product).
  • IHS DataLink™
    IHS DataLink products automate substance information and loads directly into various regulatory document authoring and management products. Depending on the Business Systems, the creation of regulatory documents and reports are streamlined and for added efficiency these products are updated and delivered on a quarterly basis. IHS DataLinks are available for major business systems applications, including:
    • DataLink - Transport (Product Compliance Suite)
    • DataLink - Product Safety (Product Compliance Suite) 
    • DataLink for EH&S - Product Safety (SAP)
    • DataLink for EH&S - Dangerous Goods (SAP)

These products are key components of IHS solutions for product stewardship and health and safety. To learn more about how EHS&S solutions from IHS can help you achieve your strategic goals for Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM), email us or request information.

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All products continue to be supported by the IHS technical support team.