IHS Jane's All The World's Aircraft 2013-14: Now Available

Don’t get caught with outdated air platforms intelligence.

IHS Jane's All The World's Aircraft


The complete IHS Jane's All the World's Aircraft set is the most comprehensive and reliable air platforms resource available. The three products deliver reference information that A&D businesses can use to direct marketing, business development and strategy operations, and provide military and security organizations with trusted air platform intelligence in support of effective capability analysis and procurement activities.

  • Jane's All The World's Aircraft 100th EditionContaining profiles of more than 2,500 civil and military aircraft in development, in production and in service globally, including rotary wing platforms and UAVs, the IHS Jane's All the World's Aircraft product set delivers indispensable technical, program and upgrade information, as well as photographs, three-views and diagrams.

    The complete set covers the following content areas:
    IHS Jane's All the World's Aircraft: Development & Production
    Full technical specifications of civil and military air platforms under development and in production around the world.

    IHS Jane's All the World's Aircraft: In Service
    Detailed information on air platforms in service but out of full production around the world, including upgrade programs.

    IHS Jane's All the World's Aircraft: Unmanned
    Specialist reference information focused on the world's unmanned platforms and systems.

    IHS Jane's All The World's Aircraft Each platform entry covers:

    • Platform type, versions and variants
    • Design features
    • Program history, milestones and current status
    • Development, production and procurement costs
    • Implemented and planned upgrades and retrofit packages
    • Operators
    • Contractors

    User benefits  
    The complete IHS Jane's All the World's Aircraft product set will help you to:

    • Identify, recognize and compare development, production and in-service aircraft, including helicopters and UAVs
    • Evaluate competitors, potential business partners and acquisition targets
    • Identify and analyze future air platform sales and product development opportunities
    • Recognize trends and developments in the global aerospace market
    • Assess current and emerging air technologies and capabilities
    • Accurately model existing and future air threat scenarios

    Available in print, online or offline 
    IHS Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft is available as a three-volume set of print yearbook titles, or as online products or as a complete integrated Defence: Air Platforms online Module. The online solutions provide a range of additional benefits beyond the yearbooks, including:

    Offline data formats are also available, delivering structured data that can be incorporated directly into intranets and third-party systems such as models and simulators. To learn more about this delivery format visit Structured Defense Equipment & Technology Data.