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KADDB unveils light ATV

By: IHS Web Editor Published: 07 May 2012

Among the new projects revealed here at SOFEX by the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (Hall 5) is a light allterrain vehicle (LTATV) that has been developed to meet the requirements of the Jordanian Armed Forces. It has been designed for a variety of uses, from transporting agile forces to fast emergency response.

In its tactical version, the LTATV has a roll cage for two occupants. Suspended seats are fitted, complete with headrest and five-point harnesses. Seats can be provided for another four troops, and a four-person roll cage is an option. A gun mount can be fitted for operation from the front seat. Weighing just 850kg dry, the vehicle is easily air-transportable and offers a payload capability of 250kg.

Blackout/infrared lighting is an option for covert nocturnal operations.

KADDB has also schemed a number of utility applications for the LTATV, including a lightweight pick-up version with a flat-bed carrier on the rear to complement a small forward flat-bed area. On show here at SOFEX is a rapid-response emergency version, with firefighting equipment mounted on the flat-bed.

LTATV is powered by a 1,028cc three-cylinder diesel engine that develops 27.2hp. It drives a continuously variable belt-drive transmission with three ranges: high, low and reverse. It can operate in four or two-wheel drive with front and rear differential control. Top speed is 60km/h and the fuel tank holds 42 litres, giving a 250km range at low speed.

A double-wishbone independent suspension system gives the LTATV exceptional agility, with an approach angle of 56° and departure angle of 60°.

Turning radius is 8.3m. The agility of LTATV is being shown in the daily vehicle demonstrations.