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New life, extended life

By: Published: 21 Feb 2013

In the Chaiseri company, Thailand has become a major source for the repair, upgrade or modernisation of widely used vehicles, transforming near-wrecks into good-as-new vehicles or improving the running efficiency of tracked vehicles and, more recently, supplying run-flat tyres for heavy trucks.

But simple repair or replacement of damaged items is not the sole function of the company; experience has shown that redesigned sprockets, track shoes, roadwheels, etc, can result in improved mobility, lighter weight, substantially increased durability and reduced lifecycle cost.

As well as saving money by obviating the need to buy replacement vehicles, other cost reductions in personnel training and use of existing maintenance facilities can be significant. However, years of experience in handling used vehicles in a factory, rather than a workshop environment, has encouraged Chaiseri to design its own armoured personnel carrier, named the First Win 4x4. This has been developed to meet the specific needs of Thai forces that may have to operate in urban environments as well as over rough terrain. The dimensions of the vehicle have been minimised to ease operation in narrow streets, while run-flat tyres developed by the company reduce the hazards of punctures experienced in difficult environments.

To date, Chaiseri has produced 24 First Wins for Thai forces and an order has been received for a further 10. Experience gained from this use on home territory will help it to tailor the vehicle to the needs of export customers. For example, it became evident that a single-man turret would be a useful ‘add on’ – the result can be seen on Stand C01 in Hall 11.