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Brazilian precision weapons

By: David Donald Published: 21 Feb 2013

Brazil’s pavilion (Stand 09-B20) has provided the opportunity for a number of the nation’s companies to exhibit at IDEX for the first time.

Among them are Mectron and AEQ, which both produce air weaponry and are focusing their efforts on promoting precision-guided weapons.

Part of the Odebrecht Organisation, Mectron manufactures a number of air-launched missiles. On show here at IDEX is the MAA-1B, an infrared-guided weapon that is in its final flight test phase, with production expected to begin next year. The MAA-1B employs the original MAA-1’s airframe, warhead and fuze, but other elements are new, including a seeker that gives high off-boresight capability. Mectron claims a “fourth generation plus” capability for the MAA-1B, at an affordable cost.

Mectron is also a key member of the Brazilian-South African team that is developing the fifth-generation A-Darter air-to-air missile.

AEQ produces a wide range of bombs, rockets, grenades and weapon components. However, it has also developed the SMKB-82 guided smart bomb. This is a kit that turns a standard Mk 82 500 lb warhead into a GPS-guided weapon. Furthermore, the SMKB interfaces wirelessly, removing the need for costly weapon pylon integration. Aircrew can interface with the weapon via a kneepad tablet computer.

Development of SMKB began about three years ago, and the flight test programme was completed for the SMKB-82 last December. The weapon has been cleared for use with the AMX, F-5, Kfir and Super Tucano. Production has started to fulfil contracts from undisclosed customers.

This year, AEQ will begin qualification tests of the SMKB-83 version based on the 1,000 lb Mk 83 bomb