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First Win APC from Thailand

By: Published: 22 Feb 2011

Chaiseri Metal & Rubber Company of Thailand (Hall 2, Stand A420), best known for AFV track systems and upgrade of wheeled vehicles, has completed testing of its first wheeled AFV.

The First Win multipurpose vehicle being shown here is its first appearance outside Thailand. Four prototype and pre-production vehicles have been completed and the Royal Thai Army has also tested the vehicle. Production can begin when orders are placed.

First Win features an all-welded steel V-shaped monocoque hull that provides a high level of protection against a variety of battlefield threats, including mines and improvised explosive devices. Gross vehicle weight is about 9 tonnes and it can carry up to 10 troops plus driver.

A 7.62mm or .50 machine gun can be mounted on the roof and firing ports allow the crew to use their small arms from within the safety of the vehicle. Alternative weapons fits include a remote controlled 7.62mm machine gun or a protected weapon mount.

For the powerpack, Chaiseri opted for a Cummins diesel coupled to an Allison automatic transmission that gives a maximum road speed of up to 100km/h. Standard equipment includes powered steering, independent suspension and run-fl at tyres.