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A strong niche player

By: Published: 15 Jun 2012

For many years, Thailand’s Chaiseri has been a source of improved track shoes and other key components that have been proved to extend the life of armoured vehicles, and the company has repaired, overhauled and upgraded many that would otherwise have been scrapped.

Military vehicles that have received the Chaiseri treatment include the M115, V150, M41, M48 and M60, while more than 1,000 other vehicles have been repaired or re-manufactured. In addition, 37 countries have been supplied with track shoes that often improve armoured vehicle handling.

A regular exhibitor at Eurosatory, Chaiseri inevitably brings news of new track shoe designs that extend service lives considerably, while improving stability and allowing higher speeds. The Model C 303 for the BMP-3 is the most recent example.

In many cases, users’ reports on the performance of original track shoes have led the company to make detailed changes that reduce ground pressure as well as prevent slipping.

However, the company’s expertise has not been limited to improving the performance of armoured vehicles. Several years ago, in response to a Royal Thai Army requirement, Chaiseri developed rubber horseshoes that have proved to prevent slipping during ceremonial parades on asphalt and concrete surfaces. The friction and impact loads on the rubber horseshoes are much higher than those on tank track shoes, so a new design has been developed.

The company has now moved into the design and development of wheeled armoured vehicles.

Following trials with four prototypes, the Thai Ministry of Justice placed a contract for 18 First Win vehicles, while the Royal Thai Army signed for three, all of which have now been delivered. There are ongoing discussions for the acquisition of another five for the Royal Thai Army.